Make late game weapons more effective

I consider most of the late game weapons to be absolutely non effective.

This time I allied with Anu and almost all of their weapons in late game make absolutely no sense because wheather they deal alomost no damage or have to little armour penetration.

The same with the viral weapons.

Again (like in the New Jericho campaign) I rely almost completely on Sniper rifles.

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It’s your choice and it’s not really linked just to late game weapons.

Or do you mean that this problem is only linked to late campaign?

Their shotgun are very powerful. Well used their first shotgun will be useful all along a campaign. Their late shotgun is quite powerful later in campaign.

You should get the Virophage SR late game, not sure if it’s linked to Anu or Syn or pure PP, it is probably either pure PP either linked to Anu (well Syn makes sense too), it’s late game and most powerful SR, even the NJ Piercing SR isn’t better.

There’s probably a serious tuning to do around Viral weapons. As enemies despite Priest, Anu are very weak, it shows viral isn’t working properly. As player, viral looks most often insignificant. That said it’s clear that it can go quickly the other way and become OP.

I thought Viral should apply higher Viral damages and should decrease a lot faster. But at end, it won’t fix Anu without being OP or weak. It lets the other Anu tuning to do, in my opinion a bad design idea not working well with shooting gameplay that isn’t stealth, tune of close range weapons and combats. In my opinion a huge task, I don’t remind any single turn based party shooter game not stealth with a good close combat gameplay.

For acid, dev are working on it, 10 armor damages per turn is almost pointless, there’s clearly a serious tune to do. The acid grenade applies it on all parts, but it’s still a weak tool. The burst pistol could apply it on more than one part but is hardly useful.

Muttons are pointless, sort of.

That said other factions have also problems to fix/tune but Anu is probably the one with the most fix and tuning to do.