Game locks at mission end screen

Never happened before now twice in a few missions.

After winning the mission you get the screen with mission detail but clicking Go to Geoscape doent work

F12 doesnt work too i tried a many times, now and before to send other bugs, but always got upload error

If you could entertain my crazy ideas: were there goo throwing Chirons in these missions that failed to return to geoscape? Any Chirons at all?

Not sure first time, i met goo Chirons in heaven defence missions, but i’m not sure it was when the ending screen froze.
Last time there were three or four Chirons including goo, and i’m near 100% sure that at least one of them fled, not sure was the goo one it’s my least priority if there are fireworms and mortar too so maybe was him, when i killed the two syrens. It was the SYN second diplomatic mission.

Do you think that goo Chirons are the problem?

This happened to me last night. Just won an ambush mission where there was a goo throwing Chiron. However, when I alt-F4’d out, Avast Antivirus was showing a message that it had found something it didn’t like in the Phoenix Point .exe, so I’m guessing it was this that caused it. False positive no doubt, but there we are. It isn’t the first time I’ve seen Avast be touchy about certain games - it doesn’t like Battle Brothers either, unless you whitelist it.

@ZeeraCamay Avast probably found the Pandora virus…




Game freezes at the “The Sixth Initiation” title/end screen. No way out but to CNTL ALT DEL and kill the task.

Restart the game it picks up right where it left off and freezes again.

I’m wondering if I perhaps have a bad MEM module because I get unexpected slow downs during game play. Then after a certain amount of game play it’s ok and acts fine. No it’s not a graphics card problem 2080 card.

My haven defence mission with (fire worm) chiron locked up at the geoscape after too, this is so frustrating T_T

Is there any way to continue without losing my whole campaign?

i have the same geoscape no UI and locket after base defence mission, i hope they fix it fast… :frowning:

I have the same problem but no chirons yet since I am at the start of a campaign

Has anyone found a fix or workaround? Seems like the bug is still here two years later. Stuck on any empty unresponsive geoscape screen. I just bought the expansion pass for the game and am now seeing how many bugs it has. Very unfortunate.

By chance, do you have cloud saves turned on?