Game crushes after update

still no answer from support.

Did you try to verify your game installation?

If you are using Steam this is how you do it: Go into Library>right click on Phoenix Point>Properties>Local Files>Verify integrity of game files

If you are using EGS here is how to do it: How do I verify game files in the Epic Games Launcher? - Technical Support

If you are using GOG you can do it from GOG galaxy library. Choose Phoenix Point in your library and on top next to install/play there is drop down menu where you choose Manage installation - Verify /Repair

If verifying does not help then try to do complete reinstall into different hard drive if you have more than one, different partition, or at least different location.

In case none of it helps could you please press F10 in-game once this error message appears and send us bug report? It will automatically upload your log, save etc.