Game crashed multiple times

So 3 times now in the past hour the game has crashed, once even causing my PC to restart

Twice this happened while doing the first synedrion mission and once while scavenging mission

Just frustrating…

Happened 2 more times, tried pressing f12 before the game completely crashed and was just frozen and nothing happened…

If it’s crashing your PC entirely, please update graphics drivers (and others if you can) and also run a memory test like memtest please. The game shouldn’t be able to crash windows unless it’s a driver-related problem or a hardware problem.

Other users may have more advice but I would start there.

Thanks for the advice but i did that already, now the game just keeps on freezing, i can still hear the pandorans moving and shooting but the screen is completely frozen

No other clue then, sorry :frowning:

Yeah, this happened with me too. Even I have recently purchased a new gaming PC from Reecoupons but still The game crash several times :frowning: It’s too annoying.

It’s the latest update Umbra problem. Game is unplayable now.

The OP’s game crashed on the first synedrion mission, it’s not the umbra bug in his case, it’s something else.

About the umbra bug, you can paralyze them until a fix comes.

Do you have any idea how old your hard drive is? This has been an issue for some players here in the past.

2 year old SSD so i dont think thats the problem

I also tried reinstalling al my drivers and the game
Defrag my SSD, and ran windows repair all to no avail

Gonna try formatting my PC and see if that helps