Game crashes repeatedely

So have had this problem since release. If I protect a Synedrion haven or do one of their missions in their havens when I fight the muties it causes my game to crash to desktop. Everything else works fine.

Any ideas how to get around this as it is a little game breaking right now, unless of course I am forced to completely ignore that faction for the entire game(assuming there isn’t some mission that forces me to actually go in)

try verify files, if that fails, try delete game and re download. Your issue sounds unique.

I tried verifying and the game still crashes, at the same point. I will re-instal the game and advise.

Re-installed and loaded back the game before the mission and chose a different one, this time new Jericho, and it crashes, when it zooms in an enemy

Just FYI

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8 Core
16GB Ram
RTX 2080 with latest Nvidia patch

I reduced resolution too 2560 x 1600 and removed bloom and ambient occlusion and now I have got past the round of fighting that was crashing. If it crashes again I will update. Will try the old misison that crashed next.

Ok further info, it appears that this crash occours when I am targeting tritons. Not all Tritons, but certain ones, I assume it is the equipment they have on them? I hit F to target, it zooms in and then crash to black screen and I have to hard reset. This is happening on some Arthrons too now on this mission. I am unsure if it is the zone that causes the issue or if the longer I am on it the more cause a crash.

Scratch the above it is now crashing randomly, though most often when targeting pandorans. It just crahsed half way through a jump. The game is unplayable right now. 7 hard resets to do 1 mission is unacceptable.

If you could please email the crash logs to, it’ll give the QA Team more to analyze. I believe crash logs are found at [username]\appdata\localow\snapshot games inc\phoenix point\crashes in Windows

do you know what the files are called? I have looked in the area and there is nothing thaty stands out, as a crash log

I haven’t had a crash yet so I don’t know. Output_log.txt or something like that maybe?

I have the same problem on different maps, but always in Nests. Definitely game breaking. I really want to play the game but progression is almost impossible.