Game become more easier with Danforth

Atrons retreats too.

So why Snapshot change something or add new, if they know that it won’t work fine and must be rebalance in next patch? Why not to do work good from the first try?

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These things take time, especially balancing. Different people play in different ways. We can use player data and feedback to find the best way to balance the game for a wider range of players.


It’s about 20 days in game and there are no lairs, no challenge. And it’s legend difficulty!

Yes, the early game (the first month, I would say) is as a whole easier than the last iteration. However, the difficulty curve is also smoother and the difficulty does increase, IME. The thing is how long the increase in difficulty can be maintained before the curve starts dropping off.

Haven’t played this game since December but I can’t believe how much easier the game is now.

  1. Most enemies are shredded apart in seconds by the basic assault rifles even on the 10th-20th missions. No tactics seem necessary anymore, just point and shoot.
  2. Skills aren’t even necessary early game it would seem, can easily get by without leveling anyone up… and why? (mostly because of 1, and more on that on 3)
  3. Enemies just walk out into the open, expose themselves and often set up overwatch into areas that don’t even have the range to hit your units. They will often move to a good spot behind cover, then use up the rest of their AP to expose themselves for no reason before ending the turn.

I’m playing a Forsaken Scavenging Mission on the third week of this game on Legend difficulty. Three Level5/6 units and a Scarab. One has basically no armor an a sniper rifle/NJ pistol, one has heavy armor + fury rocket launcher + ANU shotgun, one has assault armor and assault rifle, no cross classing. First turn I ran all of my units on top of the building in the middle of the map, with two Forsaken immediately in sight with only enough AP left to fire a fury rocket and warcry… did so, disabling the two. They regenerated limbs, moved a few spaces BACKWARDS (exposing themselves more) and did nothing. The rest of the Forsaken moved a few spaces towards the building, set up Overwatch that didn’t even reach the building and stood out in the complete open, which allowed me to use all of my AP to shoot them with everything I had… they did the same thing the next turn, so did I… they did the same thing the next turn, so did I… they (guess what!) did the same thing the next turn (and some were panicking by now too) and so did I… They all died without taking a shot on my paltry squad or using a single ability.

I’m not bragging, but this is kind of boring considering the faction has all heavy armor and a variety of other capabilities they aren’t even bothering to use. Where’s the Frenzy? Where’s the running their melee behind cover to end their turn, incrementally closing in on me? Why is the Priest unit literally moving two spaces at a time and overwatching from a distance he can’t reach and nothing else while the rest of his squad continues to close in slowly in the wide open, dying each turn? I didn’t have to move a single unit past the first turn? Also why do I have to then run around and collect all of these crates for 10 turns with no opposition?

My Only Suggestions:
Have humanoid enemies actually try to take the crates for themselves and also evacuate off the map, with the mission automatically ending when all enemies have evacuated/died and you getting the rest of the remaining crates automatically.
Have Pandorans start off with less enemies on the map, with increasing amounts of reinforcements coming over time or something.

Edit: That being said, these missions are still better than the old scavenging missions. Also, I had one Lair and it was a lot nicer than I remember it being. I liked that I had to evacuate after killing the spawnery and how much tougher it was… however the Sirens are seemingly as dumb as these Forsaken now and aren’t doing anything remarkable or frightening and it’s still possible to disarm your troops and run them at the siren and use them as WP bait if need be, both saving them and wasting Siren turns. There’s apparently no evaluation on how to hurt me, and they just do whatever is easiest for them even if it makes no sense.

Another addition to the list of known exploits, next to healthcare obsession…

That’s a bug introduced in Derleth… See here Laser Rifle armor shredding

You are right, there are occasionally some very odd behaviors from enemies, especially the Foresaken. I wonder if it has to do with the short range of their weapons? So at the time of evaluating their move they consider closing the distance to the player as a bad move because they can’t attack on the same turn and it will leave them more exposed?

Sometimes they do behave adequately - at least close the distance.

This must be a bug/missing feature, same as with the ambush missions. I don’t recall ever seeing the Pure or the Foresaken arriving off map (receiving reinforcements).

I wont comment arguments. I just want to say that it is better that game can be considered as too easy rather than as too hard. In time it will be tweaked. If devs will change something then I hope that they won’t introduce anything like next “increase in acid damage requested by players”.

And still Acid is OP right now, after last changes , buffed, and nerfed again.

Jormungandr Cannon 4 shots (or equivalent with Imhullu grenades), you can achieve that in one turn , RB or AR (Berserker class) and the Scylla is dead in two turns.

I personally have no problem if a game starts easy (better moderately) at the beginning, even at a higher (not highest) level of difficulty. I would not be bored then because the beginning was “preparation” for the growing challenge until the grand finale.
However, the challenge should grow as the game progresses, which is not the case at the moment (too much power on the player site in mid to late game) or is even not possible (many exploits).


And we have to rely on self restrictions, not using Rally , Adrenaline , Electric Reinforcement… after mid game everything is OP, yep

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Yes, even if you forbid yourself certain game features (super skills), the second half of the game remains not very challenging or surprising. With all game features, including DLC super toys, the game is not enjoyable for me.

Edit: Fortunately, the DLC can be switched off
(I like the idea, the lore and even the visual design, but not the OP game mechanic [skills of the equipment])


There is a bug with how acid cannon damage stacks. Not sure if it’s related to the excessive armor shredding bug.

Also @walan you know I agree with you on the OP combos, but I think that the changes to Speed are very much in the right direction.

IMO, it’s more important that the difficulty curve be smooth on all difficulty levels. If then it has to be adjusted on Legend, that’s an easier problem to solve.

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I reported F12 and Discord, I received this answer, DM:

this cannon is really endgame gear and requires anu reputation, we want it to be strong
maybe it is a bit too much but we will see

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because gun itself isn’t sooooo powerful. It is the skills which make it so. :wink:


In the last hotfix said, that it fix applied acid stack from acid cannon.

I can confirm, it is not.

And there are another bug about Acid. Motion Detection Module preventing any damage due to Acid from enemies (also Virus)

I have videos and save files, I shared in Discord with Devs


Excessive Acid stacking from cannon was identified as a bug and marked as corrected in the last hotfix

But looks like it requires more squashing…


If you find the game too easy, then you should play on a higher difficulty.

We just got the game to a more reasonable state. Don’t ruin it for the non-hardcore players here, who don’t use terminator builds.

Personally, I think they have the difficulty just right finally, for the first time since release.


I’m very happy that you feel this way, particularly taking into account the changes to Speed. Not to jump to conclusions, but this suggests to me that curbing some excesses of player’s capabilities, while adjusting difficulty really is the way forward.

To be fair, the OP is talking about difficulty on Legend - there is no higher difficulty to play on.

As someone who plays on Legend too I understand that. However, I think it’s far more important at this point to nail the gameplay and smoothen the difficulty curve than provide an adequate challenge on Legend. That can come later.


I hope so,

you can obtain speed, strength and HP through other options, perks, armor, stimpacks, augmentations…

enhacing the game, more strategies, not just SP and stats