Laser Rifle armor shredding

I saw at mission, when Synedrion fighting Pure, soldier whith laser rifle shred 25 armor per burst! And at Synedrion heaven’s defence bursts from laser rifle shred more that 10 armor points. I don’t have such rifle by myself and cann’t find out what’s going on. May be someone can prove is it bug?

It’s not the laser rifle - it happens with other weapons as well, including the basic AR.

I think it’s the new penetration system that came in Derleth:

It just doesn’t work exactly (or only) as intended, as projectiles with 0 remaining damage continue traveling on, shredding armor on their path.

This is particularly noticeable with Chirons, as they have many overlapping body parts. A burst with AR will regularly shred 15+ armor.

Or that’s what I believe based on my experience. If anyone has a better explanation it would be great.

Never saw such shredding with another rifles. Try to look better on my soldiers

I think VOLAND is correct, hellcannon dealing more shred damage used to be a thing well before Derleth, and I was okay with it being a cannon and it sorta made “sense” going in the front and out the back of some targets. However since they changed penetration I have seen it pop up in almost every shredding projectile weapon. (AR, nergals wrath) and none of those should have the level of power to do that.

Soldier with laser rifle make 0 hp damage and 33 armor shred with one burst. It’s absolutly bug.

Yes, it definitely is a bug.

yep it applies to any projectile weapon with shred value

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