Late game questions

I arrived at late game.

Most enemy contacts are “extreme” right now.

What makes me real trouble, is that I can`t barely catch breath, since Pandora attacks happen too often.
Can I do something about it?

There are 4 Pandora hideouts active on the map.

My strategy would be build more squad and spread them and build anti-mist tower from Synedrion tech. to counter pandoran attacking my base. As for those high peak in difficulty level (spike difficulty), maybe you can try reducing your squad unit deployment in combat. Take down those pandoran hideouts might help their attack activity as well.

Unfortunately, because these missions against lairs are tedious, you must take them down. Build a squad from your existing soldiers optimized to defeat lairs. If there are citadels take them out first as they are much easier missions. That will reduce the haven attacks and attacks against your bases.

Really just have to take out those hideouts. If you stay on top of them the attacks will grind to a halt. Even if you fail to save a haven go to the haven ruin anyway and scan to uncover the attack source.

That’s definitely an hypothesis I have right now about squad size/composition and auto scaling. Squad of 8 really do help, and Vehicle+5 is a quite interesting option with most missions types, but it could be why I get enemy scaling that seems lower at Legend (only teams of 6) and Easy (mainly teams of 5+vehicle and one or two team of 8). Last patch could also have changed some points.

Right but to be precise standard scan doesn’t reveal enemy bases, there’s a research that allows it. I think it’s Scylla capture research, not totally sure.

Citadel research specifically, I forget the exact name.

I only mentioned it because the first line was, “I arrived at late game.” Should have that research done by then.

Sure, just in case someone else read it because scan doesn’t allow reveal enemy bases.

Good point.

I raided all 4 alien hideouts, but attacks from Pandora keep spamming.

Wow, that doesn’t seem right. Not sure what is going on. In my playthroughs, raiding hideouts caused an immediate reduction in attacks.
Others may have much more experience and know of other factors, just don’t know.

Citadels spam in the endgame or perhaps because DDA has thrown an epic fit. You get regularly havens wiped out by 30-ish attack and scanning reveals a brand new citadel. There are no more lairs, citadels just pop up directly. I took down enough to have 100 relations with everyone… Lose 1 haven, destroy citadel in retribution, do endgame research/wait for factions, repeat.