Can everybody play past The Gift mission?

Got game-breaking bug. After completing The Gift next Tactical mission or reload to GeoScape results in hanging game with screenphoto of 3 soldiers and PP logo.

Anybody else expirience this or can you all keep playing??

I just finished the mission with no problem.

Thank you for reply, but it is the next time returning to GeoScape (fx. after a Scavenge Mission) it hangs for me.

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Same here. Did The Gift, next was a scavenger mission and it’s hung up as you’ve described. F10 it, so devs can see problem.

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Mine did it on the mission after the Gift (a scavenger one).

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We have a fix prepared for this and it will be part of the next hotfix which we will deploy most likely this week. Thanks for the F10 report and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Looking forward to this.

Well just downloaded small patch and still broken and unplayable. Please guys sort this out……seriously are not the patches play tested? Considering how old the game is now this should not be happening. I was an early backer and this is now becoming to look unprofessional.

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The patch was not released yet. It will be released in 40 minutes.