Frame rate issues BB4

Big frame rate drops. I’m running a Ryzen 5 1600 16GB ddr4 2666 GTX 1070ti with the latest drivers. I get into the 20fps range mid mission. It seems good till then. Just putting it out there.

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if have low fps from start, can run potatoe or fantastic, doesnt matter, i use full hd…
r there any fixes, maybe some things i can put off in the nvidia controll panel?
Such low frames make even this kind of game unfunny

gpu usage is on 100% and get rly hot
cpu on 9% and ramusage 1500mb, this isnt normal at all

found the problem, the launcher didnt use the resolution i choose everytime before start(full hd), it runs with desktop solution(4k) alltime,

same here. The game is getting slower and slower each build with only half a year until the release I don’t see how they are going to fix it.

Optimisation should happen after implementation of all stuff I suppose.

Actually, i have slow frame rate with slum zone (6-8 fps). Other zone, i have between 20 and 30 fps

Forcing on FXAA and annistropic filter to 8 clears up a lot of the issues and still leaves a good amount of visual fidelity obviously IF THEY GAVE US BASIC GRAPHIC OPTIONS LIKE I SUGGESTED IT WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM. But at least the gameplay and atmosphere is developing well.

Maybe has a memory leak!

No problems here, Ryzen 5 1600, GeForce 2060, 16GB Ram, SSD, Win10.

Kept the crappy Epic Store App open? If I don’t minimize it at least to the tray it will use up to 100% CPU. But hey, the store is sooooo good, why is everybody upset with it? #sarcasm

I have the complete different feeling, it runs much better than before.

It does run better w/out the store. I used the in folder startup. It seems a bit better.

I do the same, no epic store running in Background. Just .exe file directly from PP folder. CPU utilization is on average 30-40%, although the GPU is kinda sweating form the sound of the fans. Using “fantastic” setting. Didn’t feel the need to check the FPS counter so I guess it never dropped below 24 for me to notice.

i7 3770k @4.2GHZ 16GB DDR3 1866mHz, RX 480 8GB. Samsung SSD 870 EVO, W10, 1920x1080