BB3 Big frame dips

Running a Ryzen 1600 Gtx 1070. Running on a Hard drive sata 6 on fantastic Get giat frame drops to 10 fps no real reason I can see’
I’m running the latest Nvidia driver. Just a heads up. The game is more complex now its great! even if it lags some.

Hi, we’re aware of the performance issues on some systems at the moment. We’re working on fixes which we can hopefully push out over the next few days.


No problem at all it’s a great ride. I expect this from a backer build. The game is awesome a few quirks but we will get you guys the info on them.
Thanks for the response.

Loving the game myself hence the late hour of my message, however in comparison to BB2 which I could run at 1600:900 at fantastic very well after fiddling with Nvidia AA settings the performance is worse. Unplayable in havens at the moment drops to single digits. Potato runs perfectly but looks like a potato. Good to hear you are working on it the mechanics are looking great, massive improvement. Some rudimentary graphics settings, shadows, AA, post processing before optimization would be a godsend. Specs: i7 6700, Nvidia 950m 8gb ram.

You can run the game from the folder without the launcher. It seems a bit better too. Or i’m just wishful…