FRAME RATES in the Synedrion maps are unusable

Only When I enter the SYNEDRION maps the frame rate and lag is SO bad it is unplayable. No matter what res I set it makes no difference! What I have found so far is that this “official” release has way more bugs and issues then the BB. I have no issues with the BB having problems that is what it is, but to release this is just WRONG on to many levels and I am supper pissed, sorry! PLEASE fix this LAG and frame rate chop it was this bad in the BB when I first sent the report in but it seems this is not of any importance… very close to returning this game now.

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I would like to notice. That I also experience the low performance in SYNEDRION havens. I had to switch to low graphics presets. But, the lags are still there. Such poor graphics performance frustrates. Hey DEVELOPERS, optimise graphics and rendering. Do not render object that should not be rendered, e.g. behind other objects. Minimise number of transperent objects for Low graphics presetsand so on. LOD also can be helpful. I know you know, so use it :slight_smile: So, please fix.