Optimisation or graphics settings in future backer builds?

I understand the complicated nature of developing games. However I would love to put more time into this game if it were less… Stuttery. Thanks

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without posting your system specs, it’s hard to suggest improvements.
for me it works very smooth on a 5K imac in 2K but stutters at 2.5K

unity is usually very well optimized and runs well but it’s still pre-alpha. but yes, a third option instead of “fantastic” and “potato” would be great :slight_smile:


Well it’s a pretty poor rig hence why I’d like a middle way 950m i76700 8gb. Hopefully to be replaced with something more 1060 gtx like in the new year.

To be fair, mobile cards often have issues with modern games. It may just be my imagination, too, but they also never seem to perform up to their actual listed specs, either. Maybe it’s due to not being able to ditch heat as effectively, maybe I’m just biased.

I’ve been running an Amd 955 Phenom II since something like 2007 in my rig, while having upgraded my gpu thru a 4870, a 5x90 (can’t remember exactly), to my current rx480 gt. I went up to the 480 a Christmas or two ago because I was having issues running f13s virtual cabin. I’ve finally decided the chip needs to go when I got state of decay 2, and it has a lot issues (still a bit playable, but struggling a bit). First time I’ve ever wou d up with the cpu bottlenecking me (well, along with still having hdds).

All that said, I’d be surprised if we see too much optimization in BBs. That usually doesn’t really get hammered until beta/end beta in my experience. Snapshot is pretty accommodating though, so who knows?