Stuttering Main Menu


I’m a backer who received and downloaded my build a few hours after it went live. When I start the game up it takes a few mins for it to get to the main menu and there are constant stutters throughout. Im unable to select mission maps and actually play the game also due to the stutters causing huge delays. I understand that this game is far from optimized but I was really looking forward to playing this build.:sob:

In case this helps my basic system specs are below:
CPU:FX 8350
GPU: GTX 1060

I’ve tried running the build in multiple resolutions and even windows mode, same results

Oh… NVM… Turns out it was an issue on my end. As it turns out my GPU drivers were uninstalled…somehow. Anyway I apologize for the inconvenience.

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No worries, in fact I very much appreciate that you replied with your solution – it might just be that someone else encounters similar issues and finds the helpful clue in this thread. :tophat:

His stutters were not due to a driver problem being uninstalled… many of us are seeing this and worse in the build… I cannot even get to the main menu on my system.

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I updated my drivers but the stuttering persists. I tried playing a random map, but it’s kind of awful right now: while it is somewhat playable for most of the time, it often stutters for a few seconds; I’ve yet to see any explosion, since it always stutters on them: launch granade at my feet, game freezes, sound of explosion and screams of agony but the visual is blocked to the granade landing. Every time the crab queen moves around the map I don’t know what happens because the camere start behaving wildly and fps cruble to one every 2-4 seconds.