First campaign end - Ready for the big game

So finally hugely long campaign but never a boredom, a handful of raging and rarequit, as for any great game, a lot of fun, enjoyed manage my little army, 35 soldiers not counting a handful of dead perhaps 7 (where’s the memorial?), 9 planes, 10 mutog (didn’t knew how heal them until latch patch notes), close to 10 vehicles too I stopped count number of destroyed. :slight_smile:

I didn’t suffered from OP holes, I have a natural instinct to avoid them (lol), but definitely suffered a bit of auto scaling, in fact if it’s first campaign I finish it’s also it’s because it’s first campaign I manipulated the auto scaling during 1.5 month but not after.

Bugs yes, including a few very unpleasant as don’t get NJ mission to get 50+ relationship, some haven defense that can’t be done because start it generated an error, some computer crash but only when spaming forum with posts and game in background and on geoscape, not have living weapons further than first armor set, a few more, but nothing really game breaking.

Also UI problems, many aspect are very well done, but there’s also glitches/bugs/missing polishing/missing features/some bad designs as a right click with “random” behavior. But ok nothing that blocked me nor bothered me that much beside right click in combats generating a crap move I had to manage after.

Overall a lot of fun, but the auto scaling, but too many bugs and missing tuning and missing polishing, for me a rough diamond with only some parts already polished. Good job but a lot more work to do, I hope the dev can manage it and achieve a clean version, now frankly I already get the refund of my pledging from hours of high quality fun.

So time to try new version of the game, very game version nerfing player side, and legendary, let see after after an “Easy” (sure easy what a joke) campaign, now ready for the big game, enough of children park, well I wonder what’s the adult club then. (Anyone has a the list of op holes?)

One last point final mission, enjoyed the first parts, last part totally bored me. I think some op tools would have help a lot but perhaps nerves broke, and I did it with cheesing and a crab help, sigh.