1st Impressions: feels like BB6, not 1.0

So had the chance to play the game for a couple of hours, and it still feels like a Backer Build, not proper final release.

  1. Loading times are a thing, I play the game in minimum settings, and it takes quite some time in every loading screen. To start game, to start tactical battles, to start Geoscape after battle;

  2. Various bugs: a severely injured and then paralyzed soldier was able to strike again, a stunned enemy was able to return fire, before moving the game indicates LoS for the enemy, but after moving LoS is nowhere to be seen.

  3. Lack of variety in maps: so up until now is scavenging site, three different Haven types (one for each faction) and nest/lair. No wheat fields :slight_smile: But this can be due to lack of resources, I understand that.

  4. Awkward design choices: the ping indicators are really strange, as they give away the exact position of the enemy, a much better option is the one used in FiraXCom, with only a vague hint; but worse are those reinforcement points showing where the enemy can reposition new troops, feels really pushing too far an enemy going all “hey, careful with these areas here, never know if we won’t put bad things here :wink:”

I guess a patch is inevitable in upcoming days, I’ll be waiting for that :smiley:


In the closest patch should be:

  • keybindings
  • ironman mode
  • fix for inventory swaps for some soldiers on savegames

No loading time issues solving? :frowning:

I don’t know. I just wrote what they announced here on the forum. Who knows what other fixes will be there. :slight_smile:

Been hard to keep track of all the new threads and such and related information :smiley:

Yep. They pop up like bullets from machine gun since yesterday.

Definitely the pings and the reinforcement points need to go.
over half the excitement of UFO defense was wondering where the heck the enemy is, and this could have the same thing if you got rid of that.


Pings can appear later as part of research / techonology. But by now, I can’t understand why it appears so early in the game, and how it relates to Perception stats


Every unit except perception from vision has also hearing range.

Pings exist to allow you to shoot somewhat blindly and still be able to hit something, it’s not a bad idea really.

Only thing some of us really need fixed are all these freezing issues in tactical mode, you can’t play 5 minutes without having to hit alt-ctrl-del, end task and start the game again.

They’re not just hearing though, they’re echo-locating.

And I was forgetting: has the fueling system been completely disregarded? It’s strange to just fly anywhere.

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You have a maximum distance that you can travel before having to stop at a point on the map, but if you have enough points between you and your destination your craft automatically pathfinds between them all.
But fuel is not a resource that you have to worry about manually replenishing no.


The pinpoint accuracy is the problem.

As SpiteAndMalice said, They’re not just hearing, they’re echo-locating.

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It would be much more important to fix the localization issues especially in the research section! You can´t play in russian / german, since you don´t know what goes on oin research.

I even found bugs there in the english version, where you couldn´t read what you got as reward for a research since it´s bugged. I wonder noone tested this and it got live for a release version.

My experience thus fur, I got in a bit more than 9 hours.

  • Pedia has a fair number of typos. There is one in Crabmen, Mindfraggers and Siren
  • Mission spawns are too random, sometimes you will spawn on the other side of the map from the object you need to defend, and aliens spawn behind it, and aliens still have grenade launchers.
  • Grenade launchers, obviously, don’t work, since there is no counter-play. All they need to do is get one single grenade through, and you will lose couple of arms, and you can fight no more, making it easier to lose even more. Only thing you CAN do is spam overwatch like there is no tomorrow.
  • I don’t know if enemies respawn, but they definitely should not. Nest missions take forever, since 1-3 new enemies attack me every turn, and with turn times, I doubt there was over 40 enemies to begin with.

How will you counter a grenade launcher ? Search for cover or go in buildings and kill the launcher aliens first! And surely, grenade launcher do a huge amount of damage - what else should be it´s purpose? You have a tank at hand with missile launcher, which is also devastating !

The nest missions are meant to only kill the overlord (is it called that wa<y?) alien, whuich is easy. So don´t lose time fighting every alien! Where is the complaint here? There are eggs and they surely hatches sooner or later if you don´t hurry.

It seems that the aliens on a map still all have the same configuration. So I guess that when Tritons with sniper rifles will arrive you will be facing 8-10 snipers that never miss a shot.

I thought the pandorans would have some kind of point system where each mutation costs a certain amount and you can field only a certain amount of points.
It would be nice to see sometimes:

  • the Pandorans swarm you with melee crabs (which cost less points) all on the map at the same time and force you to invest in grenades to cope with it.
  • they field their snipers and Chirons which cost lots more. Take cover in a building and try to hit them with your snipers while your assaults defend the psurroundings.

Also if you are unlucky, your first mission has crabmen with spitter head, machine gun and grenade launcher. It doesn’t seem to go well with the Pandoran mind evolving to the Threat.


Well good thing i never wanted to join the “Alpha/Beta” so i waited for the full/final version…Laughable…

The loading time issue is common to all Unity games I have experienced so that most probably cannot be fixed. Its way faster than battletech on my rig…