My thoughts and feedback after finishing the campaign

I put a lot of hours into this and most of this would have been covered on other posts so I will keeps this short and to more quality of life tweaks

Some things that need worked on are the UI and specifically when you have a lot of bases these are not all being displayed correctly.

The technician - when taking manual control of a turret it always jumps back to the technician when I would prefer it stays on the turret ready to be used. A small thing but still kind of annoying and please god fix the TAB button not working.

Variety - the game definitely needs a bit more depth on the armour and weapons. different ammo types I think would really help here as I always found myself using piercing snipers from NJ - I think having multiple types of ammo would be a good addition.

I like the lack of restrictions on armour and being able to swap around however being able to break down each armour type (and possibly weapons) into smaller types would be great.

For example being able to break down heavy armour into the jet pack and 2 plates with different stats then being able to mix and match these across different armour types would give a deeper customisation and better experience I feel.

Being able to take 1 plate from the heavy armour and put this on a sniper armour would provide slightly more protection at the cost of some speed and mobility but you would also retain some accuracy. It would also open up a whole new research aspect to the game and provide more options as you would have head, body and legs that could either be reverse engineered as it is now, or you could break it down into individual elements that would need researched allowing you to mix and match elements.

I don’t see that as being too difficult to implement as each armour would basically break down into similar things just with different stats.

Better soldier customisation options

Bigger maps and more enemy types or at the very least they should start using and merging the tech they get when a Haven is taken over giving a bit more incentive to defend more of them outside the resources.

The factions, it wasn’t till late game when I turned on NJ I found I liked fighting against them after fighting crab men for so long, having more key battles with factions would be good to see perhaps something that ties in late game for better endings.

Finally the ending (spoilers minimum) from what I can see the ending is identical outside picking up a different object depending on the faction you go with, now unless I missed something it would be good if to get the last mission you perhaps had to do battle with other factions who would try to stop you, maybe not all on the same mission but over a few key battles leading up the end.

This way depending on the faction you go with the last few battles would all be different and just adds a little more variety towards the end.

I wont mention bugs and balance there have been 2 patches and many posts however I didnt find the difficulty to much and enjoyed the challange. Finding different skills and soldiers can make a massive difference in the game and it forces you to think, re-group and come back later but more enemy variety is key otherwise you can end up overpowering them from a certain point in the game.

Overall though I really enjoyed the game and will definitely play again after some more patches and DLC, hopefully with some of the above and more content I really could see this game being excellent in 12mths. For me over all I put this around a solid 7/10 in the current state (forgiving bugs) and for anyone who likes this type of game it is a must…All the ocean and no missions…Hmmmmmm I wonder where we go next.