Can't damage enemies


I think I found a bug, I can’t damage enemies. I searched and couldn’t find any other reporting this issue.

Please see video:

version 2018.4.5.14584

Are you sure it wasn’t just too armored? The Ares only does 30 damage I think and it looked like the Scylla was showing 39 armor.

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That is exactly it. The Ares does 30 damage per shot, and where it shot, it had 39 armor, thus 0 damage. Of all the bugs in the game, this isn’t one.


Hi, same as above.

Here is how damage works (per bullet):
damage = weapon damage - max(0, armor - piercing)

So, by using ARES or DEIMOS (same weapon damage of 30 and no piercing):
damage = 30 - max(0, 39 - 0) = 0

Assault rifles become useless in mid/end game because of the high armor of every Pandoran.

Jericho’s AR-51 isn’t so bad.

30 - (39-20) = 11 per bullet
44 total since it’s only a burst of 4

It’s not “nothing” but you still end up dead.

And with a new mod on Nexus, you would shred damage.
If I understand the mod correctly, 4 bullets would shred 3 each, then the armor is down to 27 so you do 3 damage and 2 shred, then it’s down to 25 so you do 5 damage and 2 shred. For a total of 8 damage and 14 shred for the ARES. Then the Deimos can continue like that, but it’s still not much damage.

By the way, you may want to manually aim to target parts with less armor. Because the “39” armor is an average, but your bullets might have hit parts that have 50 armor.