Disabled body parts shoot-through


I have a simple suggestion and that would be to make projectiles fly through disabled body parts. The reason is that otherwise they simply act as shield with infinite armor - shooting them does no damage and does not add any additional bleeding.

The worst case scenario of current setup is soldier (using shotgun) with return fire next to enemy with disabled head. When the enemy shoots the soldier, the soldier shoots back automatically targetting the head and hitting it perfectly but doing no damage at all, even when the enemy attacks twice per turn. When a Chiron gets two shotgun shots into head he should either be really dead or at least those shots should hit his body that is “behind the head”.

it shouldn’t work that way, disabled bodyparts should not absorb hits for 0 damage. the only “parts” that take HP damage without doing the same amount of damage to the overall pool would be weapons. and these drop off when they hit 0.

you sure your return fire didn’t hit a 40 armor carapace/body/leg rather then an unarmored exposed head?

As Conductiv said, disabled body parts still take damage (but without the correct Perk, still have armour) so hitting that part again does the amount of damage to the soldier/alien in question. It just wont further damage body parts.

You can test this yourself with a sniper rifle (and an accurate user of) by shooting an alien’s arm off, then shooting the stumpy part left over again. Dead alien.

Mid-late game, assault rifles and even shotguns can regularly do 0 damage, as enemy armour is VERY high.

Armour, for reference, subtracts from the damage of each “bullet” within a “burst”. So for example, the basic PP rifle does 30 damage each bullet, 6 times. If the enemy has 30+ armour, they take 0 damage no matter how many times you shoot them there. A standard pistol, that does 50 damage, would still manage 20 damage on a 30 armour body part

While back, I fired at an alien where I blew the arm off and then the next three shots did zero damage, which should have easily killed the alien.

All shots with the same rifle type so it wasn’t an armor issue.

I submitted an f12 report on it at the time.

I’m just curious, does the armor stack when firing through dead limbs? Like if the destroyed limb had 20 and the part behind it also had 20, it would net zero for a 30 damage weapon?

I’d suggest that was a glitch of some kind. I have had several bullets just fly through enemies before too…

I can confirm that shooting disabled body parts does indeed do damage to general hitpoints.

It seems that it was some kind of aiming or shoot-through bug because i am pretty sure that the enemy did not have enough armor to negate the damage entirely.

Just to clarify, the damage pop up had shown a 0. And by shots I mean different action shots.

That is strange to be sure. I can only think that perhaps there was some kind of “ghost limb” left after the disable, that still retained it’s hit-box (similar to how a dead body will still block shots through it) so counted as dead and part of the alien, but doesn’t take further damage.

Either way, a glitch, certainly