Few ideas for the game

Hi everyone !

I would like to share some ideas and point of view about the game …

For the soldiers :

In my opinion dual class kill the game , you have overpowered soldiers … Instead of this , only the base class with a system of ranking : colonel , captain , lieutenant . All depending on the number of soldiers : for 20 soldiers , you have 1 colonel , 2 captains, 4 lieutnants , like in UFO . For each rank , you have to choose between a personnal skill or a team skill.
Beside , we can have a system of medals for soldiers with bonus , few medals will be delivered for special missions or accomplishment in the game.

I would like to see more customization for my soldiers : First with stats like kill count , missions done , most damage delivered in one round , hardest enemy killed … .
Then , with the possiblity to customize my weapons : adding a scope , bigger mag , specials ammunitions , adding a silencer … . Same thing with armor : adding armor , mobility , stealth or special bonus , different skins of the same armor .

Of course, all of that needs to be carefully balanced :wink:

For the Pandorans :

More pandorans please … it’s boring to always fighting tritons , arthrons even with mutations . Where are the flying enemys ? . I Wwould love to see enemies : like the Chryssalid , turn one of your soldier into a zombie and finally a new chryssalid . Or an enemy like the megaspawn or ethereals …

For the environment :

Bigger maps please , especially when you fight on a map with a scylla or defending a heaven ( with a lot units on it) . I would love to see weather effects , rain or storms and tilesets with mutated fauna or alien fauna .

Finally , thanks to the snapshot team for all the work done , the monthly update and all of the good ideas :wink: . I can’t wait to see festering skies and the behemot update ! .

P.S : sorry for my poor english , i’m french :wink:



Thanks for the feedback and nice words.

We are already working on some of the things you mentioned (service record of your soldiers, more Pandoran types and bigger maps).

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I was thinking it would maybe be more interesting to introduce an injury and insanity system for the soldiers, as the constant missions wears them down. So as they become more powerful but also develop weaknesses too and perhaps become useless. At the moment a lot of the game seems without consequence and injuries seem like one of those things. At the extreme end you could have soldiers losing limbs and needing prosthetic replacements (improved by either mutation or cybernetics) or maybe becoming trigger happy or cowardly as the psychological damage/effects of fighting an alien enemy.

Anyways, just a passing idea, I think the development of the game is going well and I think it’ll be really good when its finished.


Need simplified / standard models for partial Mut / Aug. This is both limb replacement / correction and an intermediate model for “complete change” (Mutation / Augmentation).

  • Talking about banning a set of 3 mut/ aug:
    It would be logical if the “legs” do not “harm humanity”. Then, “head” versus “torso” will be the only taboo against change in one orgonism.
    • Breaking this Taboo - Should introduce Visible Negative Consequences.

I will also add the previously noted that any “weighted torso” cannot be carried by ordinary human legs - and now it is in dissonance.

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Yeah it’s maybe a layer of complexity which the current armour/mutation set up wouldn’t allow for. Obviously since you can target body parts in the game maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult to work but maybe it’s just as simple as a critical hit system whereby you get additional, probably randomised side effects from disabling a body part; damaged organs, crippled or impaired limbs, lost eyes etc. which just get put in play as a negative skill and can later be mitigated by mutation or cybernetic enhancement.

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