Suggestions for a more realistic experience

First of all, congratulations to Snapshot for making the game, I’m really enjoying it.

And these are my suggestions:

  • Option to randomize attributes for every soldier, some of us don’t like clones.

  • Add soldier statistics like number of missions, kill count, distance moved, shots received, etc. It creates more attachment.

  • Allow carrying corpses of killed soldiers, and some (very) low percentage to revive them after mission, maybe with a permanent flaw.

  • Hide data from enemies and their mutations until investigated, it breaks immersion knowing all about an enemy the first time you encounter them.

  • As stated by other players, please fix the LOS, especially in high ground when the soldier is behind cover.

And that’s all for now. I need to continue playing your game :wink:


true, after the bug-fixing i guess it would be the priority together with ranks and medals

Excellent feedback. You might want to check out the threads I’ve been posting, if you’re interested in an authentic experience. I suggested changing the gamey Willpower Mana Bar for a Morale system.

I figure there should be a good chance of soldiers surviving being knocked down. Most people go down well before being fatally wounded, and modern medical tech should be able to save people. Of course, you’ll need medics to rush over and stop the bleeding, and then evacuate them.

I remember carrying the bodies of wounded men in UFO Defence, and Xenonauts. It’s a feature worth having, even if you can’t have an animation for carrying the body. Like, just have it that you need to heal and defend the body, if moving it is too much trouble.

Not really, ranks and medals are much less important. That would be really cosmetic change where game needs way more changes to its mechanics and balance.

All great.

Return Fire changed so that it only occurs against the first incoming fire not all the people shooting at the target., or based on action points.


Already checking! :wink:

Yeah! Good times! And yes, the corpse could be an item in the inventory like the original UFO.

I agree, Return Fire as it works now is a bit weird and totally not realistic.

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As an option this would be great to have.

Nice feedback! couldn’t agree more.

A small thing I know but should be easy to implement. I would like to see a larger colour pallet for the soldier customizer. Most times the colours available don’t allow you to get that look you are looking for.

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