Steam key and dlc

i REFUSE to install the epic launcher and i will not be forced to do so

if i dont refund and decide to wait a year for my steam key will i still be eligible for for the year of free dlc without activating my epic key or activating on epic required

exclusive deals for 3rd party games is stupid. release for all launchers and let your customers decide where they want to purchase your game

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You will still be able to get your Steam/GOG key after the year exclusivity period and it will come with the same first year of free DLC. It isn’t connected to using the Epic key or not.

I am not sure if there is question in there, but just in case:
Keys for GOG/steam provided after the year of exclusivity will include the DLCs released for free to backers.

thanks this is what i needed to know

The sticky covers a lot of the details as to what you will get when.

I got Metro Exodus (exclusive for Epicstore now) in steam becouse preordered it. And no prob.
Im baker (some kind of preorder, but in fact I and thoursands of ppl help this game to be) for Phoenix Point and i was promissed a Steam/Gog Key.
Why Steam/GoG key is a problem for bakers?

Not only for bakers. We can’t get them no matter what our profession is.

There is a difference between Metro and PP situation which makes it impossible to give us promised keys without breaking agreement made with Epic:
Unlike Metro, PP was never sold on steam or gog, likely it was never registered on those platforms, and therefore Snapshot can’t generate keys for it. To give us keys, Snapshot would need to put PP on steam and gog, even if they won’t be selling it, and right now it is likely to be a breach in agreement with Epic. If they wanted to do something like that, they should have done it while talking to Epic (if valve and gog would agree to help Snapshot out without a profit). Unlikely, as I suspect part of appeal of PP to Epic were backers who already support the game having to use their store.

Ok. Snapshot is stupid and not register game on steam 2 years ago…
Another question - why i need Epic if i already have Snapshot PP Launcher?

We did “register” on Steam. Phoenix Point just never had a store page and was never for sale via Steam. This is why we cannot get Steam keys.

The Snapshot (Xsolla) launcher was being used for earlier Backer Builds. It will not be used for launch or upcoming Backer Builds.

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Hmmm… sorry for the ignorance, so i cant use Snapshot (Xsolla) launcher for Backer Build 4?
How can i get upcoming backer build?

This is correct. For Backer Build 4 and onwards you will need to use the Epic Games Store launcher.

sorry once again, where can i see information about how i can get epic key? My epic library not include Phoenix Point

You will receive an email about Backer Build 4 from Xsolla in the next two weeks. This email will include your Epic Games Store key and activation instructions.

Ok. Thanx!

Just as an FYI steam doesn’t allow preorders in general except for giant AAA titles

Since Metro Exodus was available on Steam for preorder they were functionally stuck with providing the game on Steam

For all other devs while you can have a store page presence, you can’t take preorders because that’s how Steam works. You’ll notice this in the “coming soon” section on Steam has games but doesn’t have any prices in general