12 points to improve overhaul experience

1- Research lab and Foundry produce ressources.
2- More Research Lab and Foundry are build, cheaper stuffs become.

3- Phoenix’s weapons evolve with the aquisition of faction’s tech.
4- For every garage restore, a manticore is recover.

5- Vehicules can evolve and have their own slot on aircraft.
6- Slots for weapon’s modifications.

7- The possibility to craft special ammo.
8- Incorporate technologies of faction’s aircraft on your own.

9- Upgrade armors.
10- Having a complete cyborg.

11- Phoenix weapon doesn’t need tech to be produce, ammunition too.
12- The capacity to create trade road between Phoenix bases and settlements.

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Do you realize that it would create resource inbalance? With few fabrication plants things would be too expensive or if not then with many fabrication plants they would be too cheap. That is bad idea. And research is actually working this way (time cost).

Lol. Really? There are 19 bases in the game. You want to have 19 Manticores? :slight_smile: Maybe use cheats, if you wish to have so huge advantage over how exploration and travel works.

  • They will probably have some expansions in one of the future DLC.
  • But dedicated slot on aircraft is probably out of the question. There should be cost of taking a vehicle (especially if you want it to evolve). This cost is in soldiers. More robust solution is probably out of the question in current state of the game.

They wanted it to be like that. But there were some issues with this. That is why they went with many different weapons, rather than few weapons and a lot of different ammunition.

What do you mean by that? Add a rotor from Thunderbird to Manticore?

There are such units. They are called Pure. And they are crazy people, loosing their humanity. It would not fit Phoenix Project agenda. Just like full mutation of Forsaken.

Why not? Phoenix Project in the end has the most advanced weapons. Unless you mean starting weapons, which are really cheap in tech.

Other points look like easy to add or tweak. So why not. :wink: But don’t expect that devs will now rework all what they have done to implement one more advanced change.


Thanks for the answer.

For the incorporation of aircraft tech, it’s a little gain of speed, range or durability. And you have to choose what you need for situations but the stats can’t be higher of the originals.

For the vehicule slot, certain mission like pandorian nest/citadel it’s a bad idea. But why it’s not possible to put soldiers on the vehicule, then landing you have two soldiers and a loaded vehicule.
Like that, you doesn’t sacrifice space.

For the complete cyborg, i agree at some point. But during the quest, you acquire Sidérion research on bionic who was less traumatic, after that you can get a complete cyborg.

For the recovery of manticore, i agree, it’s too much and not viable. Maybe a RNG stats like 20% to recover a damage manticore who need 2 or 3 days to be operationnal.

Points 2, 7 and 11 was for more comfort but it’s really not a priority.

At least, the capacity to study the living weapon and armor and crafting them with specials ressources.

If you can’t add any new feature bacuse you need “now rework all what they have done”, then you have serious design problem.

Not if the changes are not what the designers wanted to begin with.

just like @mcarver2000 said. If they have in mind that such change can be implemented but for some reason it was scrapped, then they can probably go back to it. If it could interfere with current design so ot least two other parts need to be rewritten this may be out of scope. They still have roadmap to follow. We don’t know exactly what will be implemented, so it is hard to guess if propesed designs don’t interfere with what is in the plan.

I spent a little bit of time trying to lay the foundations to a mod (that I’d abandoned before starting, instead switching to Rimworld) to rebalance the entire game by making weapons more specific in utility, enemies more varied in roles and less powerful but higher in number, armors generally weaker across the board (except heavy armor), and a complete rework of the skill system to create more variety in cross-classing and reducing the power overall while increasing utility (eg. boom blast + sneak attack no longer a thing you can do every turn, but maybe once or twice in a battle and now requires about 5 different skills for the full effect // rapid clearance having a cap and belonging to the sniper, war cry replaced with suppressive fire and instead given to the berserker, and so much more to create 2 sub-classes for every class and at least 2-3 ideal cross-classing options for dozens of possibilities - generally recreating the current experience in a limited form, and making popular cross-classing options into a single class: making the game more reliant on weapon, armor, and class CHOICES before and during tactical missions)… and a few things that came out of that were a few of these suggestions.

Labs and Fabs would produce resources to generate a steady and predictable flow, less reliant on scavenging/raiding. (This would go in line with less raiding opportunities (mission popups with a timer), scavenging sites being more difficult to come across, and labs requiring a special item to build that would generally come at a steady pace to create a predictable flow in the game’s pacing so it’s no longer possible to beat the game/get far ahead within weeks by cheesing your way through everything)

The first restore would grant you a damaged manticore, the 2nd would grant a damaged scarab, and the 3rd would grant both. (To go in line to the huge nerf to raiding and resource acquisition, to still provide a “bare minimum” means of getting a bit bigger early on - soldiers would also stop costing food to hire, and something else was in the works to make that more steady/predictable too)

bringing complete cyborgs/mutants into the game but with added penalties. rebalancing them to take away large amounts of will (proportionately reducing you to 20% of your maximum (which was also greatly reduced) generally, except for priest mutations which generally provided no armor) costing a lot of resources and time.

a huge rebalance to the technologies had many phoenix/anu/nj equipment not costing tech, anu tech costs replaced with mutagen on some things. So there were “cheap” solutions and “expensive” solutions, Synedrion offered what aliens in other games tend to offer and a return of a special resource similar to elerium-115 to manufacture powerful weapons and armor (which had a huge diplomatic influence in the game, when considering the overhaul to diplomacy that was considered but i’m not going to talk too much about).

in line with resource generation nerf, came a buff to resource generation through trade (and automation of it, because does anyone actually like manually flying an aircraft from point to point and sliding a bar? I like the resources, I don’t like the gameplay)

However, things like…

Would hinder and counter the cost/benefit system.

I believe that conflicts with the skill system, without overhauling and reducing the inventory system similar to new-xcom. (Though interestingly, I’d personally prefer just THAT to a skill system at all - but I did have fun creating the subclass system)

5 and 8 would need more interesting things to be done with aircraft, (Maybe Festering skies will provide? …) before I’d consider spending any time with that.

So I say all this because I just want to express that I don’t think these ideas are terrible, and actually have some potential to create a more enjoyable experience… but, spending so many hours trying to consider the reverberating effects they’d create throughout the game, I can’t imagine that without a complete overhaul of most things (something I believe ought to be done by someone at some point) would they actually do more than break the game further in its current state than add to it.

This game’s a bit like a flimsy popsicle stick bridge, one small change/addition may just crash the whole thing and it kind of needs a redesign (eg. the addition of those Legacy of Ancients weapons really didn’t add anything and instead overruled and nullified nearly everything else in the game, including inventory management while providing missions that can be trivialized by 1 soldier of a specific class - and I have pretty low expectations for Festering Skies). Phoenix Point is a bit special though because of this aiming system, regardless of its many flaws, it ends up being a bit more enjoyable than its modern counterparts IMO (tried playing firaxis xcom again a few months ago and uninstalled it during the first mission - just can’t go back now after witnessing some sectoids kill a soldier in full cover from a horrible 0* angle and watching all those plasma bursts go right through the vehicle).


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A little precision on what i saw as overhaul :

1- Research lab and Foundry produce ressources.
To have reliable outcomes.

2- More Research Lab and Foundry are built, the cheaper stuff becomes.
To 25% at its maximum.

3- Phoenix’s weapons evolve with the acquisition of factions’ tech.
A little amount of shred for New Jericho, corrosive by Anu’s Disciples, a better effective range by Syderion. But upgrades can’t go higher than factions’ weapons.

4- For every garage restore, a manticore is recovered.
A RNG system like 20% to recover a damaged manticore which needed 1 or 2 days to be repaired.

5- Vehicules can evolve and have their own slot on aircraft.
The capacity to put soldiers on ground vehicule and the possibility to evolve them like Mutogs.

6- Slots for weapon’s modifications.
Attachments like scope, a stability system or a choke.

7- The possibility to craft special ammo.
After the proper research, to create virophage/ viral/ electrical ammunition.

8- Incorporate technologies of factions’ aircraft on your own.
Augmenting the range, the speed or the durability. You have to choose one every time you build a aircraft (and having the color pattern of Phoenix Project)

9- Upgrade armors.
After obtaining research of factions: Heavy by New Jericho, Assault/ Sharpshooter by Syderion.

10- Having a complete cyborg.
Be possible with penalties. (mutations too)

11- Phoenix weapons and armors don’t need tech to be produced, ammunition too.
The first tier of weapons and armors (Ares-AR1, Mercy SG3, Firebird SR…) simply require materials.

12- The capacity to create trade roads between Phoenix bases and settlements.
A good relationship with factions’ is necessary. New Jericho gives material, Syderion gives tech, Anu’s Disciple gives food supplies. Independants can grant a small chance to obtain personals and diverse equipements.

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