Weapons, and slot suggestions

Just a topic made out of boredom with a lot of ideas. Feel free to add to the ideas, give feedback or post your own.



faction: Phoenix point

class: heavy

info: LMG’s would be unlocked after researching on the alien mutations. These weapons are designed to put down accurate fire at medium range. unlike other weapons it has 2 fire modes, one that costs 1 action and one that costs 3, and its reload costs 2 instead of 1.

burst fire: costs 1 action is the more accurate of the two attacks but only fires 5 shots. good for dealing with smaller targets

full auto: costs 3 actions fires off 25 rounds (weapon has a 50 round belt) making it better for dealing with heavy targets.

reason for idea: heavies need a weapon that can be used after jetpacking, and I don’t know about you but I am tired of searching for heavies that I can give PDW/Pistol training.

living grenade (think snarks from half life)

faction: ANU

info: ANU lacks a faction grenade, this idea is to give them one. Living grenades are rather unique. they are modified alien slugs that act like a smart grenade. When thrown they will only detonate if an enemy is in the blast radius. if there is no enemy they will land and act like a slower moving spider mine that does fire and viral damage.

Spec ops gauss rifle

faction: NJ

info: a NJ AP Gauss assault rifle, that has been modified with an under barrel grenade launcher, suppressor, and laser sight. this weapon is an upgrade not a side grade to their standard rifle. with two abilities tied to it.

launch grenade: launches special 50mm grenades, these grenades come in 3 types and must be reloaded after each action. Launching costs 1 action reloading another (unless perked to not cost actions to reload). grenade types are standard, incendiary, and flare (lights up an area reducing accuracy of all in it, at night increases visual range instead)

toggle laser sight: 50% accuracy increase and 2 range bonus while on. Disables weapons stealth bonus while on. (this is more or less the swap between stealth and loud)


faction: independent

class: sniper

info: a half way between an assault rifle and a sniper, the DMR does less damage per hit then a sniper rifle and has a lower mag then an assault rifle, but makes up for it by having a good accuracy and some shred.

note: this one likely shouldn’t exist.

beam rifle

faction: synedreon

class: sniper

info: think the focus rifle from halo, this sniper has two fire modes, short beam which does 40 damage with 10 pierce to a single point for 2 action points, or focus beam which does 90 damage with 80 pierce to a single point. the difference between them is the short beam only costs 4 ammo while the focus costs 10 ammo. the weapon holds 80 ammo.

weapon roll: like many of the ideas here to give the player abit more control with their attack rate with out spending will points. via a fire mode. You can either go in for a high damage burst for more ammo but ignore most armor, or you can go for a low damage attack to a single point.

quirk: 100% accurate, its aim point is a dot.


note: the slots for armor are way under used, we have what 2 back ones that require armor, 2 head ones one of which is so situational it isn’t funny, and one leg one. we need more of them. Bellow are ideas for doing just that.

ablative armor plates

faction: NJ/SYN

slot: chest

info: grants 100 HP to the user, this HP will take damage first and takes half damage from explosives but double damage from fire.

Hazmat system

faction: phoenix point

slot: head

requires: sniper or heavy helmet

info: makes user immune to poison and virus, stun has a reduced effect.


slot: head

faction: ANU

info: a helmet slot item that is a psionic scrambler, makes one immune to mind control but reduces their will by 2, and increases cost of all will actions by 1.

Spiked boots

Faction: NJ

info: spikes on boots, one can move into the tile of a grub to step on it and kill it for only the action cost of moving there.

shoulder mounted grenade launcher

faction: NJ

slot: back

class: assault

info: a 4 shot grenade launcher using the 50mm grenades mentioned in weapons. fires them in a volley to cluster bomb an area.

symbiotic beast

faction: ANU

slot: back

info: can be used on mutated soldiers, has three versions. these creatures have some relation their host allowing for some cool control. that said the relation can be parasitic, symbiotic, or in the last ones case just being a pet.

bat: a bat like creature that rides on the hosts back, it feeds on their blood supply (-1 strength while equpped) but gives them the ability to use it like a falcon ordering it to attack a creature at range or trigger overwatch fire. note the creature will drain health from its host if it is wounded.

slug nest: a large growth on the back, allows the soldier to deploy 2 phoenix controlled acid or fire slug (depending on type grown/manufactured) more or less an organic spider drone launcher similar to living grenade idea above. and yes they are launched like the Chirons ones are.

Rapoid: more or less a pet unlike the others this one is not on the soldier but spawns next to them, the creature is the combo of a scientificly accurate raptor (small chicken sized) and a fire fly. has 6 actions and 2 charges of a cone flamethrower. its attacks do minimal damage but bleed.

Noise suppressers

faction: SYN

slot: feet

info: high tech muffling items added to the shoes. +20 to stealth but at a cost of 10 armor on the legs.

shell shock system

faction: NJ

slot: head, torso, legs

info: a specialized limb protection system, reduces all explosive damage taken to limbs protected by 75% if all three slots are equipped with this, user takes 80% less damage from explosives in general.

Energy shield system

faction: SYN

slots: all

info: requires all three slots, when all are equipped creates a bubble around the user 3x3 wide. this bubble has 400 HP and targets inside of it can not be hit until it is destroyed. Note targets inside of it can not fire out. Though the user with this has a one action cost ability to turn it one and off. while off it regenerates 50 HP per turn.


UH just wondering is it even worth it to post ideas like this? any devs actively reading idea topics or are they just redundant at this point?

the devs do read the suggestion threads. Whether they get incorporated is an internal decision

Lots of interesting ideas there.

thanks, I am one of those people that over think.

And it is good to hear the devs do read these. I do hope they give the independents their own sniper though. As right now they have their own heavy weapon and MG, but use NJ snipers which makes no sense.

got a few more ideas

dragon turret

faction: NJ

type: turret

info: a varriant of the man deployed turret equipped with a flamethrower and a napalm launcher (two shots of a lob ability which acts as a pinpoint 1 tile grenade, the turret will use it on big targets only.) this turret is better suited to CQB placement as its main weapon damages all targets in a line for 6 tiles. unlike the other turret attacks twice per turn.

Flea SMG

faction: Phoenix

info: a phoenix point PDW, a heavily upgraded p90 type weapon with a built in suppressor. the research that gives it also gives all snipers proficiency with PDWs. The research is Urban combat training.

note: has more ammo then the NJ PDW and is more accurate, but does only 20 damage per shot.

reason for idea: found giving a sniper a PDW where ever possible gives you a good CQB soldier, especially sense at a 3 will cost you can fire the weapon for free.

tactical weapon

faction: SYN, ANU, NJ

info: technically three guns, these are variants of the standard assault weapons for each faction with an under barrel attachment. these are /w varriants as such will not be putting the main weapons name.

ANU: /w balistic shield; weapon has 150 more HP and a small shield protecting the user. adds ability deploy shield, which causes the soldier to crouch and hold up the shield in an aimed direction. when used from low cover protects all but the head.

SYN: /w master key; weapon has an underbarrel short range plasma lance, this 2 tile range weapon deals 100 damage and is designed to cut holes in walls, does double damage to structures.

NJ: /w grenade launcher; NJ just attaches an adaptable grenade launcher, has launch range equal to a max strength throw +3 tiles. like all launchers as a slight inaccuracy, weapons with this have 2 reloads, one for the ballistic, and one for the launcher, has three ammo types which load in single shot. explosive, incendiary, and flare.

note: this idea has more detail in the origin post version but this is a standard version.

note: SYN also has the grenade launcher, but theirs has to use its own ammo, though it does do poison damage.

Seems me and Warbrand had similar ideas but what I’ve always hoped to see since they were introduced in a older backer build is something like:

Shadow of The Dead God
Faction: Anu
Class: Heavy/Any Anu Faction Class

Functionally a grenade launcher, except it launches a unstable Anu bred variant of Mind Fraggers that unlike their Pandoran cousin when latched onto a target simply instil a sense of hopelessness in the victim making them see little reason in continuing to fight. They essentially subdue a target for a limited period of time until either a ally can remove the parasite, or the parasite naturally succumbs from being away from their containment environment for too long and perishes.
After this variant of Mind Fragger is removed it takes the victim a period of time to fully regain their composure.

Functionality: These Anu bred mind fraggers are stored in sealed canisters within which is a mixture of gases that keep the mind fragger alive. The launcher is functionally similar to a grenade launcher, the sealed canisters are fed into the launcher which can only house one canister at a time and launches the entire canister at a target location where on arrival breaks and releases the little bugger who then makes its way to the nearest compatible host to latch onto (Be it friend or foe).

Most Anu Soliders are immune to the effects of these parasites due to having embraced the futility of fighting the Pandoran Virus and have “come out the other side” already… to them the effects of this Parasite is little more with being faced with what they already know to be true.

Ammo clip: 1 shot.
Reload AP: 2 AP.
Ammo Weight: 4.
Distance: Similar to that of a standard grenade launcher.
Effect on Unit when the Anu Mind fragger has taken hold: Will points reduced to 0, current active object dropped onto ground (other active slot items remain equipped), unit incapable of movement.

Anu Mind Fragger Details: Autonomous unit that will simply seek the nearest living non-Pandoran entity when released and will latch on. Takes their turn phase before other human faction turn phases. Once outside of their canister environment can only survive for a limited number of turns before perishing regardless to if they’ve made contact with a living host or not.

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Seems like a good capture weapon idea. Fire near the end of a battle to capture a creature.

got another idea

weapon class: HMG

Info: these weapons are unique in the fact you can not fire them on the move, instead requiring you to deploy them similar to turrets then man them. NJ engineers are proficient in use.

Basic HMG

Gauss twin minigun
actions to deploy: 3
weight: 8
ammo: 400
ammo per burst 40

info: the Gauss twin minigun is a heavy weapon on a tripod, taking three actions to deploy this weapon is manned by a soldier and has 4 actions of its own + the actions of the person manning it allowing it to attack 4-8 times (sniper manning it.)

Lore: As the heavier aliens started to pop up NJ RND got to work re tooling their standard heavy trooper minigun into something that can be placed for point defense. The result was to put two of them on a tick tripod and have them be operated by a single gunner.

These defensive MGS are able to shred most pandorians in a single burst though their accuracy leaves something to desire. That said many operators see this as a plus do to the pandorian’s horde mentality. allowing them to spray fire into a large group.

Advanced HMG
AP Gauss minigun
actions to deploy: 3
weight: 10
ammo: 150
burst: 10

info: taking ques from the original twin minigun, NJ improves the design returning to a single gun with ramped up fire rate. the turret is more refined, as better armor, a forward blast shield, shreds armor, and pierces all but the thickest of armor. The main downside to this is a lower fire rate and much lower ammo storage.

lore: The original HMG lacked some protection for the gunner, meaning pandrians would aim for the gunner disabling their arms and the weapon in a single attack. The upgraded version includes forward blast shields that protect the user not only from rifle fire but also explosives. Along with that they heavily reinforced the body though this came at a cost of increased weight so only the strongest soldiers could carry it to its location.

got bored have a few more ideas in this topic.

faction: Synidrion
actions to deploy: 1

Info: a turret similar to the techinition ones, unlike them this is deployed by teh Synidrion stealth class. When placed down it has 5 rounds of crossbow bolts (stealth attack) and an ability called spider mode, when activated it turns into a mobile drone with a laser pistol (12 rounds of ammo) loosing its stealth ability but gaining mobility.

Quad rotor drone
faction: NJ

info: unlike other “weapons” you do not equip these to soldiers instead equipping them to your NJ trasnsport. Each NJ transport can have 2 of these. When a transport with quad rotor drones enters combat, along with any infantry or vehicles 2 flying drones will be deployed.

These will stay tiles above any surface at all times, they are small and hard to hit along with that they are armed with one of three weapon sets.

set one: NJ sniper rifle, 50 HP and 10 Armor

set two: NJ assault rifle, 150 HP and 20 Armor

set three: Incendiary bombs (holds 6). 200 HP and 30 armor.

which one you have is dependent on which ones you build. set one being long range, set two being mid range range, and set 3 basically being a bomber. the AR is an all rounder, the sniper is more or less a good overwatch support, and the bomber well the high movement + the fact it requires only one action to drop a bomb bellow it, makes it great for dealing with large groups quickly.

Overall nice ideas. If some of them (especially from first post) could be introduced that would be fine addition. But they would require a lot of modelling and writing new code for skills.

Hmm, yeah that is a point. but a few weapons like this per major free patch or DLC will still add a lot to the game.

Another idea

Disposable Rocket Launcher
faction: NJ.

Info: Designed for NJ standard soldiers this disposable rocket launcher allows long range direct shred to any unit. Can by used by any soldier class (is counted as a grenade).

damage: 150
shred: 50
blast: 1.5 tiles
range: YES (like all weapons has an accuracy cone when fired)
ammo: 1
weight: 3

purpose, a single use high damage high shred weapon.

Disposable AP missile launcher
Faction: NJ

info: The armor piercing version, while the basic one is modeled after a LAW this one is more after a Javelin. Firing from a top attack with 0.4 tiles of spread. making it really useful against heavy targets but at a cost of weight.

damage: 140
shred: 100
blast: 0.5
range: 20?
ammo: 1
weight: 5