Some Ideas for Game Changes

I have been away for a while, but I have caught up on all current game changes and DLC’s…

and there are a few things that could make it better…

1: The Technician’s heal will the vva Arm is not upgraded when Virophage Kit is unlocked.
2: The Heavy weapon specialist needs a weapon that he/she can use after jumping to bash hostile with or at least upgrade their heavy weapon so they can bash with that and not nearly breaking it
3: A Anti-Air Defence building for our bases.
4: Even after Behemoth is killed Air combat should carry on for all factions.
5: Pandoran Flyers can still be available after the Behemoth destroyed, Like Lairs can launch Charun’s
and the Citadel could launch Berith, The Abaddon will be the only available with the Behomoth.

oops I forgot something…

1a: The Technician’s repair skill with the VVA arms should heal the augmented soldier’s.

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lets hope for PP 2 improvements

I’d like to see a little tweaking to the Mutoids. A helmet option, maybe? …Or access to some mutations and/or cybernetics. I would also like to see the ability to do 2 of one type of augmentation/mutation and 1 of the other… or gene mods to give a minor boost in one area or another to certain soldiers sometime after the mutoids become available.