Phoenix Point Controls

I’m having a difficult time finding any info on the controls for this game. WHERE are the instructions for this game? I’d love to know how to control the camera, etc…are there keyboard shortcuts or instructions for this game? Or, is this ours to figure these things out?

In main menu of the game you have Guide. But well, here you have it…

key function
q/e rotate camera
t/g zoom in/out camera
w/s/a/d or arrows move camera in battle and on geoscape
z/c or mmb scroll change camera elevation
mmb hold max zoom out
tab/shift+tab cycle between soldiers on mission or in roster screen or when in aim mode between enemies or between dropships on geoscape
x cycle prepared items
i inventory
1/2/3/4 select weapon
f fire
y overwatch
r reload
ctrl+mmb scroll change overwatch cone width
space end soldiers turn
backspace/end end faction turn
alt highlight ground objects
f1 help
f2 turn UI on/off
` or / console
f12 bug reporting feature
esc cancel action
lmb select or confirm things
rmb move soldier or cancel
lmb hold rotate geoscape or rotate soldier on roster inventory screen or move view of battle area
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BB4 guide does nothing. No info whatsoever.

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Awesome! Thanks…
The bb4 I downloaded from Epic doesn’t seem to link to anything. It will allow it to continue a game, but everything else is missing.

You can bring up a list of controls in the tactical game by pressing the F1 key.

You can download the Game Guide here: Phoenix Point Game Guide.pdf (504.2 KB)

Well I don’t know how for other players but on my monitor it is not clear what this screen shows. Looks like 1kB jpg file with extreme blur extended to full screen.

Did you update to the latest build? We fixed this in 0.4.38601

Yes, I wasn’t checking that recently. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. The was an issue with the image compression rate. We noticed it at EGX and fixed it over night.

can someone move this thread into Phoenix Point category? :slight_smile: