Far Side of the World: Mission

I have no clue if this is a bug or not, or just random chance, but I manage to get Anu to 24% and the mission to get them to 25%+ is on the far side of the world. I have NO chance of getting there any time at all soon. Is this really as expected? It is beyond frustrating. Do I just restart and hope for better next time? It basically takes Anu progression out of my game.

There’s no rush. You will get there eventually, the mission isn’t going anywhere.

Switch focus to the other factions and missions and they might open a path.

I was lucky that in both my campaigns, I had those missions close to do them quickly.
Maybe it depends on the difficulty settings. I played rookie and now easy. Will go straight to legendary next time I guess and perhaps experience that.

It could only be described as a bug. For me it seemed to happen with almost every mission.

  • The Australian mining company needs my help clearing out an infected mine they’re using… in Greenland
  • The Spanish electrical guys have an issue with some other guys… in New Zealand.
  • Anu and Synedrion had a couple of missions on Antarctica… there’s actually a surprising number of havens in Antarctica.
  • Synedrion’s first mission (I started in South America) needed me to go to Australia, which means you need to go up through Canada and back down.
  • Some guy in western China sends you to retrieve his brother, over in South America.
    There were only one or two where they were close by, so you get the point.

Some of the Antarctic ones may make some sense why they’re located there but the rest reeks of poor design.

It’s common, and a bit a penalty for factions required missions to increase relationship level.

But those missions will wait you, pick other factions. Myself I had it but with only one faction.

The point isn’t that you can’t wait. But, for example, w mine, there is no way to progress Anu in my game to 25+ before at least the 2nd month of the campaign. Which is fine in some ways, but if I want to explore Anu tech and abilities w my operatives, that’s just been taken away from me. That was the let down. A mission on the opposite half of the planet should be some goal to work towards for a reason. But to tie the main progression w a faction to it is a bit disappointing.

Yes it broke a plan done before to start play, it’s not necessary a bad feature. I get it you don’t like, but for me it’s not a bug, even if it is perhaps a bug. :slight_smile:

Well it depends, if you are surrounded mostly by Anu havens, and they are the ones being attacked by the nests/lairs, it’s a shame that your influence can’t grow over 24.

I only can imagine since my first game I had perhaps only 2 NJ and 1 Syn havens around me the rest being Anu and they were the ones being attacked. Had their mission been on the other side of the earth, I would have been pissed.

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I had the same Situation… i recruited soldiers build Training Centers and stole an aircraft so i could do things in my neighbourhood and travel around…

Getting to such locations really doesn’t take that long if you’re actually pushing your exploration at a steady rate.

A good way to go about exploration before you’re more familiar with some of the static geological area’ed places is to follow the objectives that point you to more Phoenix bases to get 3 or 4 of them, pretty much leave them as they are other than building 2 more scanner uplinks so you can perform multiple area scans at once… other than that leave the bases as they are until you get a firmer idea what you want to do with them. Looking at your negative food income, maybe build a couple of food income buildings at Phoenix Point too.

In between getting more bases, just pick a West/East heading and expand your node network in that direction. Go to the furthermost node you can in that direction, fire off a area scan. If you have additional scans available then fire them off more northern/Southern, then whilst you wait out the area scan(s), explore some nodes. Once the West/East path expansion path area scan is done, stop exploring nodes, pick the new most furthermost node in the direction you’re expanding your node network in and repeat the whole process.

Don’t waste too much time getting every single unexplored node early on whilst you’re still trying to establish travel paths around the planet and need additional base functionality more than you need a tiny pitiful amount of salvage.

There’s really nothing else you should be doing whilst you’re still at such a low 1% Index phase and looking at your missions and research aren’t even beyond your 1st game-week.

Base position are also very irregular, some position are much less favorable than other, and some spreading are very different, grouped or very spread, which brings different positive and negative.

But to find more base you need explore, I’m not sure this advice works well.

Phoenix Point Bases, are tied to specific geographical areas that the game will actually tell you the regions to search, and at most you should have to explore around 4 or 5 nodes around such a area… so given the loop I mentioned of exploring nodes whilst waiting for area scans, and then moving further East/West to your new furthermost discovered node it works out fine.

Applied it myself to many campaigns, and typically have 6 bases, navigation paths around most of the map and full research access to a chosen faction before Index even hits 20%.

Much better to get a faction to 25%+ and have the havens revealed. You can’t go too far from your initial group of havens without risking them attacked and unable to respond. First main goal is havens revealed and then a 2nd team. You need a fabrication plant in your initial base to speed up armour and weapons building (Legend). Then wait for 2nd base to see what’s in it, before building anything more. I’m never in my initial base long enough to train, only to quickly regain stamina. So further exploration needs to wait.

That’s exactly my point. You need to get your route nodes established right away and not leave it, because later on you won’t have the luxury of pissing about waiting for area scans and exploring nodes from a single base that still doesn’t know how to get from Europe to North America.

In the cases of the game giving you a 1st or 2nd faction mission the other side of the globe, you NEED that network established early in order to speed up building up reputation and getting the haven location information, which then significantly speeds up further node path discovery before the frequent Pandoran raids even start happening.

You don’t need to explore every node, doing so is the stumbling block some people hit when keeping their early game ticking over and it makes them think actual mundane milestones are going to take them hours of real-life time to accomplish, when really it could be something they hit in under 20 minutes.

There will be free time for a secondary vehicle to poke around playing tourist later on. The quieter low index phase of the game is the ideal time to be establishing those new bases and expanding your node network… the game will direct you to what geographical regions have a base, so don’t go node exploration heavy just because you might miss some hypothetical base you don’t even know exists, when you could be pushing toward a area you know with 100% certainty is a base.

If you do end up missing a location due to the game directing you to bases in a weird sequence, then you’ve still saved yourself probably days of in-game time and now know exact where to explore nodes on your overflowing map. :stuck_out_tongue: