First faction quest on the other side of the world

A bit ridiculous considering I’ve only got one ship, one base and would need to satellite scan my way over there, which will take ages. So basically my progress is hard blocked until I travel around the world.

One of them isn’t even just on the other side of the world! It’s in Antarctica with only one entrance, from south america, while I’m over on the east side of Africa. So It’s not even a straight run to get there. I have to go around through north america and down!

This has happened with 2 of the 3 factions. It’s literally the first mission they’ve given me too. I’d like to have seen their thought processes. “Hmm, they’ve only got one base, very few soldiers and only one aircraft. Lets have them journey around the world so that they’re completely defenseless, can’t help any nearby havens and might lose their base if the pandorans attack, rather than giving them something at least on this side of the hemisphere.”
I’d almost think they want me defenceless so they can raid my base themselves!


Yep, in the two games I’ve started since launch, I had the same issue. First missions are always all the way around the world for some reason, and I don’t get why.

Good news, you’ve discovered a base.
Bad news, it’s in a mist zone.
Even worse news, it’s practically next door to your starter base and they’re both completely surrounded by those wretched Anu.

Haven type and base placement needs some work IMO


What have you got against Anu? Sure, they’re a bit weird with their religious mutative society but most of them aren’t evil. Maybe that second in command guy but the others seemed fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much an organized religion as a very large cult, built on secrecy and hierarchies like Scientology. I won’t say cleanse “mutant scum”, but I figure the leadership needs to be wiped out.

I see where you’re coming from since that kind of hierarchy is often used to hide corruption in the upper echelons. However, I would argue that it’s not necessarily bad if the upper echelons aren’t corrupt. My guess, at the moment, is that the empress, matriarch, whatever, is actually a queen, like the giant enemy type, and that the secrecy is to prevent people from panicking and either deserting or attacking the faction simply because she looks like an enemy.

There’s still all the questions of whether their transformation is for the betterment of humanity or so that they can basically have people ‘volunteer’ to join the pandorans.

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Nothing as such, though philosophically I disagree with their approach to ‘saving’ the planet and humanity.

But really, it makes it much harder to build relations with the other factions…

Just think that there’s no point in ‘saving humanity’ if what you’re saving is no-longer human…

What is it that makes up ‘humanity’ though? Skin, bones, muscles and flesh? Nah, every animal has those. It’s culture, philosophy, communication and history. None of that would be affected by purely physical mutations.

How we interact with the world, our culture and experience are all dependent on our physical being. Sure, if you mutated existing people they’d still be human because their formerly human self exists in their heads.

But their children or grandchildren??? I think their experience of the world would be so different to their formerly human ancestors it would be impossible for them to relate to their culture or history in any meaningful way.

Imagine mutating people into a dolphin like creature. The first generation would have ‘anchors’ to their past as humans. But their children would leave all of that behind and be their own thing.

My view of Anu is that they’re taking a species that was dominant because it was able to engineer its environment to suit itself and making it fit the new environment. The antithesis of New Jericho.

Instinctively, I’m Synedrion…

I think the way we perceive reality has very little to do with how we react to reality. It’s necessary for us to be able to recognise the world as it is but it doesn’t define how we interact with it. For example, you can use your eyes to see a chair and you can use your eyes to see a bear trap. Just because you have eyes that let you see them both and an arse that’s fit for sitting on doesn’t mean you’re going to sit on both equally, haha.

Similarly, I think even if people had webbed hands and feet and lived underwater not all that much would change. We’d still build buildings, use tools and run farms.