Problems with diplomatic mission location

HI all.

I meet a problem that should be fixed I think. My first Anu diplomatic mission located at New Zeland and cannot be reached with vehicles I possess. The only base at the Australia had not revealed any location to refuel. I can steal Anu craft, but it looks foolish to invade their haven to improve the reputation. It would be nice to place such a mission in a reachable location or provide an other solution to this problem, for example to let an aircraft to be bought. At least one


I agree. I have this currently with all three factions diplomacy missions out of my reach

Iā€™m also unable to reach Catacombs of Despair living weapons mission.

All are on the other side of the planet.

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Definitely agree to this. While some might say that it fits in with the random nature of the game and it adds to the difficulty, I think that the first tier of diplomacy missions should at least spawn closer to home. Having to reactivate five Phoenix bases (as well as build a satellite uplink in the odd one out because no other havens or sights of interest add to the range) seems like a tall Ask just to improve diplomacy with the havens nearest you.

In one game both Synedrion and the Disciples of Anu first tier diplomacy missions were in Antarctica. To add insult in injury, the Synedrion haven that housed those experimental mist repellers was attacked and entirely wiped out by the Pure. It presented me with an impossible game option that I could not possibly fulfill.


yes, this is an issue, especially if there is no way to to reach them in a proper time. But if you load a savegame prior their appearance, they change their location. May sounds exploiting, but if you start in Europa and your first faction mission is in antarctis, its a bit of weird rng in my opinion.