Factions Attacking Pandoran Bases

This was a first for me:

I went to defend the New Jericho haven inside the mist-repelled area and when I arrived, the nearby lair was under attack by an overpowering New Jericho force. After I successfully defended the haven, the lair was destroyed by New Jericho. I sure would like to have Factions help me more with lairs.


Totally agree :slight_smile:

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Would be great if you could choose in the diplomatic Screens a Button “Attack enemies structure”. Then the fraction wait at the structure for an attack togehter with PP

If you like the idea.


I addition to that, the attack could be supported by us. So similar situation to the defense of heavens where in the moment no defenders are displayed.

Either an common attack or defense could include soldiers of other fractions.

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Togehter forever :wink:

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Is that a new thing? I don’t remember ever seeing a faction attack a Pandoran base.

It happened to be back in early January : I took my sweet time to prepare for a raid on a Citadel, profitting from its numerous attacks against nearby havens, waiting for my main squad to be strong enough… untill those NJ Heavies went in and wiped the place out, deprinving me of the XP, the rep’ boost and of the regular haven-in-distress that had bank-rolled me for a while.
Since then, I’m wary of NJ strongholds in proximity of a good Pandoran provider.