Missing Pandoran bases

So I started a new veteran game yesterday and enjoying the new changes, but today I have notice that I haven’t detected any enemy bases yet! I’m up to 30% on the ODI and absolutely nothing. I’m a bit worried that this could be a new bug… I’ve even tried scanning again over a large red area and still nothing. Not even a nest.

Am I the only person to experience this so far?

Do you have necessary tech to reveal Pandoran structures with scan? If not, you need to defend havens to reveal them. (Although it’s couple of weeks since I last started a campaign so I’m not 100% sure about the first Pandoran nest needing a haven defense mission.)

Not developed. I’ve done some Pandoran research, but now nothing. My research has dried up to. Nests have always appeared previously. This is perhaps my 7th or 8th new game and I’ve never had this occur before. I would like to think that I’m a reasonable PP player and that’s why I’m surprised at this situation. I wonder whether because I have have mostly engaged the new Anu faction and these new purists (part machine) units in the scavenger missions, if this is the cause. Now since I have not control over this, is the update now populating theses missions off balance and created this issue. But no nests at all that can’t be right!?

I shall see if I can experiment with a defence mission to see if that is what’s missing…

If you haven’t done the Pandoran Citadel research, scanning will not reveal any Pandoran bases. Haven defenses against subfactions do not reveal Pandoran bases. Only Haven defenses against Pandoran attacks will reveal their base.

So after completing a faction defence mission a lair appeared. But to be frank, all I’ve generally seen were missions to do with the new factions. So as reluctant as I am to say it, I think that there may be a new balancing issue in terms of how missions of various types are generated. I suppose it’s possible that it’s a rare anomaly, because I really want PP to work well and become the great game I believe it will be and almost is! I suppose that I will start a new game to see if it is a one off or whether a similar issue repeats itself. I hope that the developers read this and look in to it. This never has happened to me before…

So after starting a new game it turns out that I’m at fault with my gaming style. There definitely is NO bug. Due to the game being made easier, my aggressive style of expansion across the planet meant that I didn’t have any soldier to nearby when a faction base was attacked. Additionally, the faction bases were able to defend themselves so I wasn’t concerned about helping. Also as you’d explained, I wasn’t aware that a successful base defence would reveal a Pandoran base. Before the last update, because the Pandorans were much more aggressive it forced me to discover their bases. Thanks for your help!!