Derleth patch, campaign without base attacks

I was playing Legend level, last few days, I noticed that my bases were not attacked, not even once, I will receive final Synedrion mission soon, Researching mission to the moon now

is it normal?

It seems that PP base attacks are based on location near the mist. If there are plenty of nearby havens, they tend to get attacked first. If there are no nearby havens near your base, it seems as if Pandoran bases are created where there are more targets.

I haven’t had a single base attack in my last 2 playthroughs, so also before last patch. I think it’s because I tend to protect havens and destroy Pandoran bases ASAP.

I don’t think so, I had a couple of bases inside the mist, I discovered nests, lairs, and citadels next to them

In my experience, if you terminate any Panda bases near PP Bases with extreme prejudice, that severely limits the amount of base attacks you get.

On my first playthrough - using Dec 3rd settings throughout - a PP Base got attacked only once in the entire game, on a continent I was not properly policing. So, certainly in my experience, the likelihood of Base attacks is limited by proper strategic play.

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If you destroy alien bases they won’t attack you. Each alien base is investigating and searching for your bases. If they are allowed to do that long enough they will attack you.

I finish game 3 times on legend, I never was attacked by Pandas or factions.

Ok, I was asking because I had to defend my bases playing Veteran. Not complaining , I got Pandorans for vivisection and SP every time

But I am complaining - I never see how it to defend my base ))))

blocking their entrance to Vehicle Bay is the best way, imho
incendiary grenades , and Armadillo or turrets are very effective, too

I have had only 1 attack on a base in veteran poor pandorans hit the wrong base had 24 troops there they only attacked with 6 lol.

but I can add that I have just finished hero and didn’t get attacked.

looks like the best difficulty is veteran or might even be rookie only problem there is player becomes to OP and not enough enemy units in battle.