Faction missions on Antarctica?

Hello. I met some difficulties playing PP. My first base was located in southern Africa, when i reach 25 points in Synedrion faction they gave me a mission… it was located on Antarctica. It is sooo far away from my starting position. It gave me big trouble to get Synedrion techs. I didnt want steal tech from them because i wanted to have good relations with them. Besides stealing techs from factions are really boring when you have to do it over and over again.
Such situation met me twice and really angry me. I think the situation should be changed.

Totally agree with you on this. Severeal play throughs I have had my first faction special mission be in places that are unreachable until very late in the game. This leaves this faction out of the game plan. The devs need to set some parameters around their random number generated positioning. This is one of them, and so is the placement of units in Phoenix Base Defense Missions. Hopefully they are listening. But at times I think things like this get lost in the clutter of the forum and should be posted in their Canny Feedback Tool.