Explosion/Terrain Interaction Needs Overhaul

I’m on my third Legendary run and the interactions between explosions and the terrain are really getting under my skin. I can appreciate the desire to make extreme elevation changes mitigate the damage, but as it is now it seems like almost any small change in elevation will completely negate explosion damage. At least 4 times this run I have had extremely frustrating missions where I have two or more Chirons launching worms at me, and my squad gets overwhelmed because launching a grenade at the worms will only kill one or two of them at most. The terrain they are on is something like a small strip of concrete and then some grass, or a small piece of what looks like debris, or sometimes something that I can’t even see that the game may be calling an incline of some sort. This is ludicrous from both a realism and a gaming standpoint, killing a worm with an explosion while another one a foot away goes completely unscathed. Even normal sized enemies blocking the damage by being next to each other is frustrating and silly, imo. I’m a US combat vet and I can tell you that just because you’re standing on the opposite side of your buddy from a mortar blast doesn’t mean you’re getting out of it unscathed. Sorry for all the frustration, but if I lose one more squad member because I couldn’t kill a group of worms with a frickn’ RPG I’m gonna tear my hair out. Please, PLEASE overhaul this system.