BUG: Chirons worms land under unreachable places

Since beta you have not managed to fix it. When?

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This seems to have been fixed in June but perhaps the big got reintroduced?

The issue is back. Reported it.


Do they not just explode in the next turn??

wouldn’t it be better if we could see the worms BEFORE they explode? Not every buddy can survive a worm :slight_smile:

I think that they are highlighted as a detected signal (red line), but I think it was the quickest solution to the bug to make them explode on the next turn. But I do agree with your sentiments!

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Thank you. Well under the tree is hardly possible to kill the worm. Probably it is so intended :slight_smile: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or you are dead. :slight_smile:

My resolve idea is to set that any worm that does not land on ground explodes instantly. That would resolve the issue easily.

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Not in a ball of fire I hope!

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Maybe just make them explode after two or three rounds, no matter if they are stuck or not. Lore wise it could be explained that those worms are ‘unstable’ munitions and it would help keep the critter counter lower on the map.


Have the same problem. Worms stuck under the ground in Ancient excavation ruins. 3 or 4 of them. No way i can get them and win the mission. Needless to say this is frustrating as hell, especially since i waited for a year to play this game without bugs

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I got some good results placing Infiltrator’s decoy as close as possible to those worms stuck in unreachable places. It triggered their self-destruction.

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