Explosive Terrain / Destructibles?

There are cans, and containers, and barrels, well… …everywhere. The Fort has what looks to be a huge oil drum - something that makes my propane tank at home for the pool look like Rhode Island set next to Texas. I have to admit great disappointment when I shot it and it did… nothing.

Obviously, every barrel can’t be explosive. It would show just how useless our grenades are at times, and make using them for cover a very questionable tactic. I do hope, however, that the final game (and of course, backer builds along the way) has some chance that random barrels will contain something “bad”. Whether it explodes, burns with sight occluding smoke, does “bleed” type poison damage downwind, or simply leaves a puddle slowing movement are all potentials - and it shouldn’t be obvious graphically (in most cases) what the barrel potentially contains.

But it would add to the tactics of the terrain itself. I hope the potential doesn’t get overlooked.


Terrain destruction is not fully implemented yet so as far as I understand, proper functionality of explosive objects are yet to come. Exploding terrain features were a part of original XCom so I have no doubt in their presence in the final game.

I agree Warren, I too was disappointed to realize that clearly marked flammable objects were not in fact flammable. I get that it’s the current state of the game, but am looking forward to learning where NOT to hunker down.

I like the idea of other types of problem barrels. Certainly not every barrel will be full of fuel. But in a base like Frieheit some would be. If this is implemented, please don’t color code them. Some of us are colorblind. :wink:

I like the idea of them being labled “flammable”, because that’s how the world works - but I also like the idea of only some percentage of them exploding, catching on fire, making smoke, whatever. Some, no doubt, will be empty, and not every fluid burns the same.

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I like exploging things on the map, but I would like for something a bit less arcade for Phoenix Point: I find the one-shot-BOOM mechanics on tanks a bit too game-y sometimes. I’ve never shot tanks of flammable liquids, but I don’t think they should explode like that. Pressurized gas tanks would probably explode, although without cathiching on fire, I suppose?

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pressurized gas talks would leak violently, potentially becoming missiles if the hole is large enough, but they wouldn’t normally explode.

The exception to this is if they are so weakened by rust that they fail from the inside, outwards. If they get shot in this condition there is a very minute chance of them exploding.

Other than that, they’d just spray gas everywhere, which’d dissipate without exploding because they will have forced out all the oxygen from the area.