Bug artillery placed acid worm in unreachable spot

I was defending an Anu haven and the bug/crab artillery fire acid worms into the terrain next to the tree. I cleared the mission but worm couldn’t get out of the terrain. I had a real phoenix point moment and grenaded the tree and killed my own guy. Still couldn’t reach the acid worm to finish the mission.


This has happened to me plenty times as well

Happened to me several times.
I’ve used Hel cannon to destroy a piece of terrain and free the worm or the brainsucker. Killed it with a second shot from another guy the same turn.

TLDR: Always bring a Hel cannon!

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It’s cool bug to exploit a final full explore before leaving, I just moved close enough to trigger it.

Happened with mindfragger too

You can solve this bug by using the heavy’s Cannon or grenades to blow the object away,then you can see the worm,l tried and it works

I had a variation, in Heaven protect one building, at end the building was destroyed but still shown, inside it a Siren had fallen in by moving, it couldn’t get out, and I could find any way to shoot it. Hell canon couldn’t fix the problem.

Save, load and the structure destroyed was removed, the Siren was trapped in hole from rumble but then I could reach and kill it.

I ran into it again and the hel cannon fix the situation. It can be kinda awkward to bring a cannon every mission. It would help if the NJ machine gun also did more terrain damage.

I have some soldiers with the Heavy machine gun but only with Assault class for the dash, either with personal Heavy skill either with Heavy class. The range is the main penalty, and Cannon Hell is pretty good so it doesn’t help when comparing one to the other. On some aspects it’s also comparing to Shotgun, and it makes machine gun less interesting.

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This also happened to me during a “Defend the ancient site” mission. Two worms fell through a high plateau terrain, presumably through some ground “rubble” objects that broke floor continuity there. I tried to blast the terrain with the Rebuke ancient grenade launcher (infinite ammo!), but I don’t think the terrain is destructible enough to allow me to blast through that. So I guess I’m stuck reloading now.

This bug was supposedly fixed, where if it’s stuck it is supposed to explode. This needs to be sent via the F10 bug report so they know it’s still broken.

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Yeah, did that. I saw other reports of that problem in the forums, so I suppose it’s not an isolated incident.

This one was notable because instead of being “inside rubble” or inside a destructible car, it’s outright under the terrain, several tiles deep, probably fell onto the map’s Y=0 bedrock. Maybe it’s a different cause.

Happened to me too, but the worm fall under some stairs, and there was no way to free the worm and complete the mission.

Suggestion, worms should not count for the kill all enemies goals.

Enemies trapped inside the terrain also happened to me once in the missions from the ancient DLC, with a hoplite. So these bugs are rare, but happen and should be solved.

Other similar issues, some stairs inside the buildings do not work, and upper floor cannot be accesed by them. These issues need to be solved.

This would be problematic, the first Anu mission is worm-only as enemies.

The perfect solution for me would be the game checking the tiles were the worms will fall before the chiron fires, and if a worm would fall in a bad place, just reroll the dice so that it lands elsewhere. Again, all this would be calculated before the chiron fires, so the player wouldn’t even know.

Also, worm-slap should be a thing, if a worm lands on a soldier he should take slap damage + the worm should explode immediately!

This is probably not possible.
If they use the physics engine for this (what I assume) then this will be calculated at real-time (i.e., on the fly after the worm leaved the abdomen) and not before it shoot.

You mean an in-built feature of the engine and that thus they’ve had no part in the physics implementation?

That may be right, although there’s nothing preventing the physics API from having options like that - simulate the result before really applying it - and I wouldn’t know if it has anything like that or not.

I suppose it probably doesn’t, if it did this wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

I think there is already slap damage, at least if a worm falls on a vehicle, you will see a resisted status effect triggering, I assume soldiers would get some status effect. Regardless, the worm exploding if falls on a soldier would be a terrible idea, that could potentially kill you out of simply bad luck, also would not solve the problem, as falling into a soldier would not create an unreacheable enemy bug.

Regardless, I think the y already try a solution, but their patch does not work as well as it should. In a patch note it says that unreacheable enemies that can not move are killed automatically, this just happens to not work properly. Also some enemies in unreacheachable positions, can move a tile or two but are still trapped. The issue just need a better patch building. Also, still the solution i propossed would work 99% of the time. If does not work in a specific mission that mission could simply have a different end mission goal.

I don’t have a problem with that, a lot of enemy attacks can kill your soldiers. Why would a bombarding enemy not be able to? Besides it would be very rare. It would however partially fix the problem if worms exploded upon hitting anything. Sometimes they hit scenery and become trapped inside them, these cases would be fixed by this.

Yes they tried and yes it worked as it should… however the bug was re-introduced recently. The solution they gave at the time (and the one I feel will be returning) was that if a worm cannot reach enemies, it automatically explodes and thus dies. Note that the problem they were trying to solve with this fix was only the worms, this didn’t have anything to do with other enemies in unreachable positions.

Sorry but I disagree. Your solution leads to “kill all enemies” mission types (specially haven defenses) making no sense. Are worms not a threat? Yes they are. Why would they not need to be killed?

Again, I disagree. This is not any mission, it’s a lore-related, thematic mission that introduces worms as enemy types and teaches you how to deal with them. Worms are very dangerous when you can’t see them easily. Just do a mission in Anu slums with low visibility against worm chirons and you’ll see.

EDIT: I’m not disagreeing with you on the issues though. You’re totally right that these problems need to be fixed!

I played a bit with the Unity game engine (not that much, but I got an overview) and AFAIK that isn’t the way how the physics are calculated, it simulates anything in real-time. Physic objects only need a vector for the direction and velocity, after that the rest is simulated. Simulate before it happens can not take anything else into account, for instance other objects that are also simulated at the same time etc.

Collisions with other objects are handled by events to implement reactions, but also in real-time when it happens. Here they could maybe do something with the worms when they hit specific structures and I assume that is what they have try to do. But on the other side they should collide with walls, trees or lampposts and after that simply falling straight down to the ground (what they do), so I think they have to separate obstacles that can be hit by worms and react differently.

But I also only assume many things, it is difficult to suggest something without having an insight how they really implemented it.

Are worms a treat once you killed every other enemy in the mission? No they are not, it is just a chore to go around the map to look for worms that are absolutely no treat to you. And the game will not lose anything for having this part of the gameplay removed. They are mindless enemies, pretty much the same as a mine, and they are only dangerous when you have to deal with somethng else on top. Extending the gameplay for the sake of it is not fun.

Hit scenery is not the same as hit a soldier, which parts of the scenery can result in the bug? certainly not your soldiers, so direct worm damage to your soldiers will not solve anything, and I have seen terrain, not only scenery, cause the bug. So again, your solution wil not solve the problem. Also yes a lot of enemy attacks can kill your soldiers, but you are talking about something that would be totally random from early enemies, 99% chance of no damage, and 1% of death, with no counter, from the opposite side of the map, also the change will make your vehicles mostly death on arrival in missions with acid worms. No thanks. The late game acid artillery is bad enough and if only, it would made more sense for the worm to be killed without exploiting, the same way as when is killed by a melee.

Just my opinion.