Exploding cars/environment

Was defending a haven from attack when my heavy missed and hit a car, and i dont know but something felt wrong about how it didnt blow up? I know barrels do blowup when destroyed/run over and i think cars should as well

I don’t think a car blows up in real life. I wouldn’t be able to explain it if it did.

… And barrels blow up like C5 in real life?

I was in the military and can tell you from experience that if you shot a missile at a car it will explode lol
So yeah im not talking about shooting it with an AR or SR(which realistically if you would hit the gas tank it would explode but thats over doing it) im mostly talking about canon and explosives

(It will not. Not more than a larger scale lighter gas “fireball” in case of nearly empty gas tank, and absolutely no explosion in case of full tank :P)

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Theoretically it is possible to perhaps ignite the tank but very difficult and really the correct amount of air to fuel vapour mix is necessary - but certainly not explode. Just squeeze fuel everywhere and be on fire. Now in the game perhaps the fuel could cover a soldier. But really the heat necessary to ignite the fuel vapour needs to be pretty high and not from any ordinary bullet - perhaps from a tracer round.

It would still require some oxygen mix to have any chance of continues burn. Explosion can happen if larger amount of gasoline are poured out of the tank, evaporated and not blown away by the wind, but this won’t be some sort of a huge explosion that sets car flying, more of a fireball. For the same reason you can fill a bucket of gasoline to the brim and throw light matches into it - nothing will happen as long as wind blows away the vapor.

There is really only one way to find out…

Those are electric cars. End of topic.


Yeah yeah obviously not an ordinary bullet
But like a missle from the fury rocket launcher

True i didnt think of that
I might be wrong but i think they made the cars indestructible, like a scylla couldnt walk through it which i think is a bug

It is more issue with pathfinding for Scylla :slight_smile: Cars, I think, can be destroyed with heavy cannon… so they are destructible, but maybe they have too high durability compared to other items in the environment.

Lithium batteries can catch fire when damaged :wink:


They are submerged in special coolant which suppress any sign of overheating. :wink:

But otherwise I would love to see some car designs/models from “old world” which could make BOOM. :slight_smile:


Nach, most of these cars stay in open fields for dozens of years. Its hard to believe that fuel still inside of them.

Not those in NJ havens. They look pretty new.