Suggestion, Flamethrowers!


While having a discussion in another thread I had an idea and figured I would make a separate thread about it. I don’t know if this is already planned but I think it would be pretty cool if we could cook these monstrosities with flamethrowers. After all, who doesn’t want to kill some horrible monstrosity with fire?


I believe they already have those planned out. Here is a visual effect concept for shoulder-mounted heavy flamers from early in the crowdfunding campaign.


I’m just going to point out that the flame effect coming out of the shoulder missile launcher was placeholder as they didn’t have actual flamethrower models at the time


Anything which can set a map on fire is good in my book :grinning: - I just hope that it will also let you burn the environment.


Maybe on the industrial maps we may find some red oil barrels and green chemical tanks, with warnings “please do not shoot at it”. Yesss, that would be nice.


Maybe if our cards are right we can actually pick them up and chuck them!

Then we just need to hum the Donkey Kong “Dum, dum, da da dum…dum, dum, da da dum…” whilst we do so.


Yup, burn those aliens. Close encounter. Liked that EW feature. That can cause em to panic.

It always remind of … Aliens
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Germans just had em even in Poland campaign, US since 1942. There were even tanks with mounted flamethrowers and simple but effective fixed defensive flamethrowers on both sides of Eastern front.

From those “close encounter” experience, we could draw flamethrower turret, flamethrower on Armadillo/other vehicles and flamethrower soldier, a mix of look of current sniper and mini gunner.


Seconded, Thirded, Fourthed, Fifthed.

I want flamethrowers, and I want incendiary explosives, and I want flamethrowing turrets, please!

If, in fact, you can somehow justify including, like… a Disciple of Anu version of Tim the Enchanter, flying around like &(*&^ing Superman and throwing #$%#ing fireballs from the tops of *&^%ing buildings, at the alien hordes?–DO IT!



Shouting “Dracarys!” And there will be basylisks, dragons and wyverns. :stuck_out_tongue: And little pixies to watch NJ soldiers. :wink:


Flamethrowers are very likely. Some early models were shown during the fig campaign, and Julian has said they will be specially effective against swarms.

Here are some of them:





I am glad they are here. Fire spill-able short range weapon, here I come!


I’m glad too. And I hope that enemies can, at some point, evolve to resist fire… and other damage types - but not all of them at once. :slight_smile:


It’s interesting to see how early models where leaning towards post-apoc style, with fallout-esque stuff taped together, while more recent concept arts and model have shown PP under a neater, more high tech angle.


Agreed that they evolve to suffer less. But never to be fully resistant.


the ad-hoc nature is still there on the NJ weapons when you look closely. A mass produced M-16 is held together by a couple of pins and slides together with little effort. The NJ assault rifle has around 2 dozen screws holding it together, has exposed wires, and looks generally cobbled together.


…you know, the silly impractical guns you’re justly criticized in that dedicated therad would make slightly more sense if you assume that most of the people who know how to professionally make guns are now dead. Hence, guns are either cobbled together from existing models, or are designed by people who know the essential inner workings but do receive the input of anyone who knows how gun ergenomics work.


That is why I haven’t been criticizing the NJ models, they clearly show that they aren’t made by professionals in a professional environment.

Which at first blush seems out of place until you consider that NJ will have recruited the people that shoot them, not the ones that design them


Indeed, that was because NJ had a change in design direction. Originally it was going to have this post-apocalyptic Falloutesque look, but then they decided to give them a more clean look to fit better the theme of a technologically advanced military group.