Destructive driving

So I end my day with this:

Notice this is the only way for the vehicle to leave the start area.


Your people with guns could have cleared those barrels first. Plan better next time?

  1. I get it that a barrel can explode when exposed to sparks/fire. But why would that barrel explode from driving over it? Nitro glycerine?
  2. Why is the map made in such a way that the only way from start is crossing exploding barrels? Is this the deep tactical element or just a case of bad pathing/mapmaking
  3. why isn’t there a ‘friendly fire’ warning. Like firaxcom when there is fire. It makes the unit walk around it unless no other solution to reach selected tile, and then you get warned with an exclamation sign.
  4. which tactical squad who could jump from there plane anywhere would choose a field of exploding barrels as their start

I suppose it is all just to make your entry spectacular and impress aliens.

Directed by Michael Bay?

How about not drink when you drive? Seriously…