Errors I've noticed: anyone else getting them?

Before I start, yes I reported by F12. But I still am curious if it’s my rig that’s the problem or the game. So here are the bugs I spotted.

  1. Fully fueled aircraft stops being able to visit sites. Can fly to them, but can’t insert so can’t play tactical game. Restart.

  2. Out of ammo literally all the time. Hit cases, get wrong ammo or ammo for a weapon only one char has, still out of ammo. Is there a way to manufacture ammo? Am I missing something? Maybe add a melee ability for character out of ammo? Restart.

  3. Crabs get stuck in objects, can’t shoot or move. When I throw a grenade on the object, it breaks and crab is free, then shoot/moves normally. Out of grenades/rockets? Restart.

  4. Character return fire/overwatch animations deadly slow. Even if the animations were compelling, would still be too slow, but the animations are just normal firing animations, so it’s not even like a slow motion glamour shot. Could be my rig but…yeah, I doubt it.

  5. Choose body part reticle focuses on a wall or crate that you can’t see through. Unable to click on body part. If LOS is blocked, why reticle appearing? If LOS not blocked, why crate/wall appearing?

  1. bug

  2. Here you have Community Manager explaining where you get weapons, armours and ammo. Btw trying those few icons with ammunition on them in lower part of the screen can help. :rofl:

  1. bug

  2. bug with haven defence missions

  3. bug

Thanks for the video link! The explanation of how to make ammo at 6: 54 was just what I needed!