Bugs as of 2021

Community conucil and @JulianG

After this list is more complete e.g. in a week
Could this get a fix priority? Most has been here since BB5.
If not, we cannot hope it will ever be fixed.


  • Users claim citadel missions auto load saves!
  • Anims, anims of all packs, I wonder how I will see new anims?
  • Production que bugs - long list removes first item instead of clicked
  • Moving and spotting AP theft
  • Alerting enemies does not work properly
  • Overwatch does not trigger when enemy open doors
  • Response fire is not activated on close combat (you say it should be so, but just have this ability and let someone bash you - its not realistic)
  • Heaven defence info is untrue
  • Improve overwatch
  • Overwatch does not trigger when enemy open doors
  • New DLCs dont bring short time rewards


  • Facial hair only shown in icons
  • Still nests fog, less but its there
  • Sold items to fractions do not appear in their possesion
  • Bomb drop anims
  • Sometimes when enemy action is interuptted (spotted overwatch) enemy action anim glitches
  • Vehicles can destruct lower cover but need to go around buildings
  • Vehicles need to go around enemies, bring back ramming
  • Ammo is still wasted on replacing half used clips on end of mission. Replace only fully empty clips, its resource waste. Or introduce half cost refill.
  • airoplane minigame is plain dumb and far worse then Xcom 1994
  • With last DLC you get -SP
    it will be deducted from your next “earnings” - like SOS credit on prepaid.
  • One can target mark of death on structures and spend with no effect
    Add your own

On real bug platform I see cover destructability is improved, is it up to
commercialized and promoted feat level? Your exp

Also AI adoption and mutation is not “intelligent” as promoted and promised


Anyone, any new bugs? Also playing new DLC I can see how many flying enemies there are but can intercept them until they attack something. This is plain dumb.

Overwatch does not trigger when enemy open doors (that one gave me a juicy ragequit). But, this is not a new bug afaik.

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Neither response fire on close hand attack, but yes, this goes on old bug list, thanks for addon.

I belive team needs to resolve THESE before next DLC

Melee attacks prevent return fire since some patch. It is desired behavior.

cutscenes crashes, they just go black screen with mouse cursor. At least, the intro cutscene play the 5 first seconds i thinks.

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Maybe for you, as enemies get stronger I wish it wasnt patched.

Its covered under first one - anim bugs. Nothing plays INCLUDING new anims with DLC.


Honestly, I really wish you guys would just fix this shit before anything else. PP needs a functioning overwatch system much more than it needs a fluffy interceptor minigame. I still find my dudes shooting walls and shooting my other dudes right in the back. Also the game does a terrible job of sequencing multiple overwatch shots. Sometimes I’ll have an enemy walk in front of 3 overwatching dudes and only the first 2 guys get a chance to fire before the enemy managed to get to cover without triggering the 3rd shot.

You called us, so I will comment on some points :slight_smile:

In my experience it does, but it is quite complicate and not fully explained. I see a point here to explain it better by the game designers or developers.

You surely mean Return Fire and this behaviour is intended as @Yokes already mentioned. Don’t forget, it also protects the own melee fighter from devastating RF from enemies like heavy MG Arthrons. Melee is already pretty underwhelming to all other possibilities, so I’m not sure if this should come back and personally I would not like it.

This is not a bug and more a personal taste that you not like the actual behaviour. I’m the opposite and don’t wish that it would be changed.

This one is just not true in my experience. After a mission the player pays only for the bullets that are needed to fill up the used magazine and not for a full one. Only in a tactical mission the reload function ‘erases’ half full magazines and reload a whole magazine and this is pretty realistic, no soldier would fill up half used magazines bulletwise when full in action.

All in all I would like when you seperate bugs from things you want to change just to have a better overview.

The rest is fine, so keep up the work :+1:


Yes, even Disney banned Pepe Le Pu (Skank), I like you :slight_smile:

Lower the melee damage, reintroduce RF also for enemies, both ways,
Its illogical to defend from all across attack and not to melee hit.
Same way my fast units with +speed armors and strong melee can devastate
RF enemies unpunished.

Its noted to be improved with latest patch, but please elaborate.

I have seen multiply instances of first unit with cone not reacting first etc. etc.

Yes when ammo is all around, but not when you pay per clip.

In Yugoslav Peoples army loosing one bullet without approval means military court.
I pay for those bullits, I want control, at least put it in extended options.

I am sure you know more.

Oh, airoplane minigame is plain dumb and far worse then Xcom 1994

This could fill a whole new threat and I even don’t know anything that is involved, especially the whole hearing thing that will alarm enemies even in far distance when you passing doors or jump through windows (making loud noises in general I guess) … and much more :slight_smile:
Probably the wrong place to discuss this and I would more like to get a detailed explanation from the devs.

Again, you don’t pay per clip but per bullet. You can see it best with Goliath grenade launcher, you only pay per grenade used and not always a full magazine (only when you empty it).

Not that much to be honest :slight_smile:

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OK, please elaborate separately.

I would still prefer manual control over it (optional, I am sure for most of user auto fill is good)


F10 or printscreen key saves to Steam some folder where one cant find easily!

Printscreen works pretty much as it should and always does at least under Windows OS, it makes a screenshot from what you see and puts it to the clipboard. This can be inserted into a paint program or, for instance, also directly here in a forum post.

F10 is for ingame reports and not to make screenshots … although, it does make a screeny, but I’m just not aware that it saves it anywhere on the computer but sends it to SG with the report.


Steam sais has been shot, paste gives Vivaldi next window.

Does it expect to be a single running app or saves somewhere (Steam window pops up?)

F12 was the report key for PP in the past but they changed it to F10 because F12 is preset by steam overlay :slight_smile:

I usually don’t use the Steam overlay so I don’t know much about it.

I do all my screenshots with the PrintSreen-key (sometimes PRNSCR or on my German keyboard simply “Druck”) and then insert it into Paint or direct in a forum post.

Does not work on win7, multiple windows active, I get Vivladi not PP (that is why I scream fix PrntScrn). please try now.

Try the borderless setting.

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Here, used an old save, pressed “Druck” (PrntScrn), Srtg+V (insert) here in this post:

Also multiple windows open, Firefox, Discord, Explorer and PP (Phoenix Point), but full screen (always)

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Hash, sometimes work, sometimes doesnt (F12 plus paste)

I cant really say is it me in fullscreen or something else.

Hey, we know you are German now :slight_smile:

Anyway, PRINT SCREEN does not really work as intended, drop F12, revert to normal PrntScreen use, as everywhere.

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