Some Weapon Firing bugs

  1. Assault using FP assault rifle:

1st shot - Kills a nearby crabman
2nd shot - Clicks to shoot another crabman. But Crabman attacks first. Then FP assault fires. THen Crabman returns fire. Then another nearby Crabman fires (guess this bit is working as intended)

  1. enemies are sometimes immune to damage with auto aim. Need to zoom i a few times before damage bar starts to show any impact from shot.

  2. Line of site is sometimes bugged, blue site line shows up on hover over grid square, but once soldier moves to square no shot is available.

  1. Was the Crabman in overwatch? If you’re in the Overwatch zone and you move, even moving to shoot, it seems to trigger the overwatch. That’s one way that MIGHT not be a bug.

  2. Enemies have armor in different places and the auto aim sometimes seems to just pick the biggest target which might be places where you actually do 0 damage after armor?

  3. Yeah, in a lot of situations my soldiers will have at least some teensy tiny chance of hitting the target with LoS indicators but on some maps it’s just completely inaccurate with the game even telling you there’s no chance after you’ve moved there or even telling you there is one when you cannot. Might be part of why the enemies sometimes just unload into walls, if they’re calculating their target predictions in a similar manner in terrain with issues.

Hi Yianyan, thanks for the feedback.

With regards to point 1: If 2nd crabman was in overwatch then i’d have expected him to shoot me when my man moved to shoot 1st crabman.

With point 2: I’m sure its a bug as i’d scan the target in combat zoom and target zones were not showing damage expectations. Then i’d cancel and repeat at which point they would start to show expected damage.