Couple of Bugs I Noticed in my latest playthrough of the demo

Hey guys! Here’s a video I took of myself playing through the second backer build again. I hope a video makes it easier to see the stuff I point out!

At 3:17 to 4:37, you can see I get a crabman down to 1 HP with 1 bleed, but when I end my turn, he doesn’t die :angry:

At 6:50: Inaccurate damage reporting, it says I’ll hurt the two crabmen with my rocket blast behind the wall, but when the rocket goes off it does 0 damage to them despite blowing up the wall!

I think those were the only bugs I found today ;o

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I was looking at this vid about 2AM this night …

Your older play

well, I was a bit surprised on some crabs jumping like Jordan from beneath levels and tossing granades (e.g. 15:00). I am not 100% sure if it was their AI and movement, even I do find it a bit over the top or is it infamous warping bug when they warp nearby (or soldiers dont see lower levels until they approach it).

Oh, wow, ouch! (head disabled) No good! © Gunman on Jordan jumpin crab with granade

Good play, you were more scared in first tactical situation with first turret and crab around tehnicians corner then in main queen battle.

I laughed a lot on how bad killing last one with ramming went. Driving often caused more destruction, it showed how bad idea was to have no Armadillo clips anywhere and in the end and how ramming isnt well implemented. Seems like anything that counts as obstacle (even not really being there) makes it not doing anything … (41:00 and onward). If some shorter distance is needed to do a proper ram, that isnt indicated either.

This ramming is kind of finicky, bare with me © Gunman on Armadillo missing almost everything

it would be faster and less painful for soldiers crab was shooting at if squad approached and made a quick kill in two turns.

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I’m not sure, but I think “Agile legs” allow the crabmen to jump/ignore height. It would make sense at least, to give them some mobility to make up for less armor :oden:

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As usual, I don’t complain on their abilities, but starting position. Looks like he appeared at lower level and had a jump and grenade at you at first turn

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Granade shot takes 50% of Action Points. If their high jump is counted as typical move (maybe 2 to 4 AP) they can acomplish those two actions in one turn.

You dont get it. He warped to lower level, soldier were close enough to have sight turn before. That is exact problem I have with this “mechanics”.

Units in Phoenix Point do not warp or teleport. Any unexpected behaviour like that is a bug, probably due to pathing. It isn’t the game mechanics, and bugs like this are to be expected in pre-alpha.

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Countless thanks and praises :sunny:

Gunman said it all Oh, wow, ouch! when such bugs happen

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