Improve healing mechanic, January 18 - 2020

use medkits outside of mission?

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Agreed, voted up, even it effectively kills the purpose of healing facility. Increasing its effectiveness is also a solution.

To be honest, this is “Shame on the head of Devs”, but the funniest thing is that being treated with medkits at the base, as in battle, looks logical (for broken mechanics).

But to restore the correct logic, you need to start with:


Very nice proposal, but then again, complex to implement. Hope another year will bring devs space to breathe and fix game even further, adding some content.

So far, have not lost hope this is, with all its problems, one of the best Xcom successors. It has innovative world/story and mechanics, it just lack some polishing in implementation. At that angle should be preserved. Constant financing flux, such as availability on various platforms, and following the players wishes, offers still path to success. Hope it will not be one of those half done almost great but abandoned products.

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Trigger “at 2/3 of max health” = trigger “critical damage to a body (red) part”
Games are difficult to implement.

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Possible Solution

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