Wounded Report WRONG?

Ok I have had some strange things going on with the injured reports after the missions:

1: I did a flawless mission (no hits at all) all men went in full health and after the mission is showed EVERY single man as badly injured? How was that possible when the other side did not even get a shot off?

2: I did a mission when one of my men got to 50% health and at the end of the mission it showed NONE injured? Good for me but it was not correct!

3: we are still losing squares in movement when it stops to see an alien, however it is random now, sometimes you lose squares and other times you do not, something has been missed here?

Also when will you allow the timer to be turned off I can never get time to really get into the DLC because the research always takes you past the end of the game especially when it only become available when you have only 60% left on it! Having this option is critical to getting the most out of it, and those who want it can turn it on and those who don’t can turn it off, it really is that simple!

With my observations, it seems to indicate soldiers who are not 100% healed. If you have soldiers going into battle with minor injuries, I think that that is also showing after the battle.

By the way, how is your Mac now handling the Synedrion base missions now that Snapshot have changed the glass in their bases? I hope it works fine now.

Yes the maps are now perfect!It is just like the rest of them it makes so much difference! I also know if you have small injuries it still counts them on the exit, but I think I solved at least one of the strange occurrences it seems if you have a robotic head damaged it does not count that as injured, because it is fixed on exit when you go through the resupply list… As for the other one I thought all were in good health but thinking back I have no real way to be sure?

Really pleased to hear that about all the maps now working well. It’s nice to know that Snapshot fixed it well. I know that there was a lot of discussion earlier in the year about whether they should be dealing with all levels of computer hardware. I was with you on the side of the discussion because it was within the recommended specs and remember how frustrated that you were.

Interesting understand that the issue with health was to do with robotics. I personally never use them simply because they’re so expensive but may do in the future release.

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