Pre-purchase and epic store

Pardon me if this has been discussed before or im just being really dumb but I have pre-prechased the game before it went onto epic store. How will i be able to get the game onto my epic account when it comes out?

I’m already a pre-order customer or Fig backer. What happens now?

All of our pre-order customers and Fig crowdfunding backers (Early Bird Digital Edition tier or higher) will receive a key for the retail version of Phoenix Point which will be redeemable via the Epic Games Launcher. The Epic Games Launcher is free to download.

To thank you for sticking with us, everyone who has backed (at the Early Bird Digital Edition tier or higher) or pre-ordered Phoenix Point from the launch of our crowdfunding campaign until today (12th March 2019) will receive all DLC we release in our first year for free.


Sound, cheers form the swift reply :slight_smile:

out of curiosity did you get a version with access to the early access/backer builds?