Epic doesn't reconize my redeem code for PP

When I put in my redeem code for Phoenix Point, I get the message, “No realid account was found.” Not sure what that means, but Epic doesn’t accept my product code. This code was mailed to me as an original backer of the game when it was crowdfunded.

Are you in Korea by any chance? If so, you need to create a RealID account and link it to your Epic account to verify your identity.

Yes, I am in Korea. Never heard of RealID and never had to use it for anything else. Hope it’s actually available for non-Koreans working in Korea. Some things here require a Korean ID to set up. Anyway, thanks.

I’m unsure on the issue of non-Koreans living in Korea, but this is a requirement to verify age I believe. It only affects people with their account set to the the Korean region. You can reach out to Epic support and they can help you through or to bypass the process if appropriate.

Thanks, I’ll contact support.