REALLY dumb question about Epic Launcher

OK, assume you’re talking to a Luddite here. Assume the only online gaming site he’s ever used is Steam (which almost broke him).

So can you please explain to me in words of less than one syllable where I find the ‘launcher from the Epic Games Store’, because I cannot for the life of me see anything on the site which says ‘Launcher’.

I’m sure it’s easy and obvious if you use these sites all the time. It’ll be like mobile phones, which just assume that you know how to use them and don’t bother actually telling you that the button which says ‘Set Awesome to the Maxxx!!!’ actually means ‘Switch this on’.

But I’m a grumpy old man, and I don’t speak teen - so I’d appreciate it if somebody could just lead me by the nose to the button I need to press.
Thanks :exploding_head:

I think there’s a link in the email. If not, then you could probably google it (go to googles search engine and enter Epic Games Store Launcher in the search bar and click search). Don’t know how old you are but I hope that this helps! :grin:

Thanks for the reply. It actually highlights what I mean about assumptions.

From your reply, do I take it that I’m supposed to be looking for something that launches the Epic Games store [like the big blue button in the top right that says ‘Get Epic Games’?] rather than something in the Phoenix Point part of the store that launches Phoenix Point?

From the BB4 email, I thought I was supposed to be looking for a Phoenix Point launcher in the Epic Store.

Yeah it is the “Get Epic Games” lets you download the ESG launcher and i believe the only way to redeem the key is via the account login on the browser page.
When you login into your account on their website and hit “Account” there will be a drop down menu with “Redeem Code”

I couldn’t find it in the launcher itself…

OK, thanks.
Now all I have to deal with is the fact that someone seems to have used my email address to set up a different account.


Somehow I doubt I’m going to get to play PP this weekend after all…

Once you’ve redeemed the code, the game will appear in your “Library” in the launcher that you have installed on your PC.

Yes, you are right :wink:.
You can register here, login and redeem the code without installing the launcher.

You can click on your username in the bottom left of the launcher and redeem code from there.

OK, I’m sure it’s me. I’m sure it’s really easy if you do this all the time…

So, I’ve finally got myself an Epic account, verified my email account and redeemed my PP code…

And nothing happens.

Now what do I do? Looking at other threads here, people say this ‘appears in their library’. What library? The top line of the Epic Store reads: Epic Games/Store/News/Help/Unreal Engine … Search/Laguage/Username.
If I go into my account, I get a menu with Personal Info/Payments/Password/Connected Accounts/Marketplace/Redeem Code.
That’s it. Nothing that says ‘Library’ or ‘Your Games’ or ‘Phoenix Point’.

I’ve checked the Downloads. Nada. I’ve tried re-redeeming my code and been told it’s already been used.

So what am I doing wrong? What mind-bogglingly obvious thing am I staring at without realising that’s what I’ve got to press?

God, it was so much easier when you just stuck a disc in the machine and pressed Play. Personally, I blame Steam for all this newfangled nonsense… :smirk:

Aha! Found it!
Rant over (for now) :wink:

Have fun :skull_and_crossbones:


First encounter: land smack bang in the middle of 10 Crabbies + Fireworms. Think: “We’re gonna get slaughtered here.” Turn around and bug straight back out again. Lost the scavange site, but didn’t lose my peeps ;0)

Had the same on my second mission, and did exactly the same as you! Sod the supplies save the troops!

Sometimes you just gotta run away ;0)