Epic and Phoenix Point


I just made an account only to express my opinion on the recent move to Epic.

To all developers anywhere
First of all i don’t mind that u bring your game to the Epic Store.
What i do mind : u make it exclusive to the Epic Store.

This is not a move you did for the gamers, this is a move solely for the money.
And i am affraid this will backfire hard (like it did with Metro Exodus).
If U had made a deal with Epic to bring the game alongside Steam to Epic and maybe the deal
would have been (since u get a better share from the revenues from Epic) that u make the game
for instance 5 euro’s cheaper on Epic Store than on Steam.
Than that would be a move that benefitted u AND the gamer.
No u didn’t.

U left the backers who stood by this game in the cold and the only real option they have is ask for a refund.
I hope they will do this by the masses.

I am not a supporter of Steam, but i would like to be able to choose from which store i buy the game from and not be pressed into one.

I know u will not reconsider, but mind u, u have lost one customer now and i think u will lose a lot more customers by this action.

A game is all about exposure, well u have that … but not in the good way now.
I won’t even buy it on steam (after a full year … hilarious)